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    This has probably been asked before ... but the thread is so humongous that I kind of stagger under the weight of it ;)
    I've two questions actually:

    Ever since I installed prat, whispers to and from people are pretty indistinguishable because the "to" word disappeared. In other words, when someone whispers me, I see in pink: "[name]: says so and so"
    When I whisper back, I see the same: "[name]: says so and so"
    I'd like that to be "To [name]: says so and so"
    Is that configurable somewhere?

    Second question:
    I only see difference in channels by their color. What I'd like very muchly is to have a channel name right after the timestamp. Is that possible?

    I've been trying out various options within prat but haven't found the solution to both. Thanks in advance.
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