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    i hate to ask but how do you add the mongoose Effect to the buff timers i tried and everytime i put 'Lightning Speed' and press enter, the only place it shows up is the Remove tab i try to look for it in the buffs or debuffs or anything and it dosent show someone point me in the right direction

    Haven't seen a reply to this question -- does anyone know how to use the extra --> add feature to generate timers for enchant procs and trinket buffs? Is there a specific syntax that must be used when adding the name of the buff?

    The only place I can see the specific names of the buffs I added via extra --> add is under 'sticky'. However, when I check the box next to the buff I'd like displayed (in this case, Lust For Battle from Bloodlust Brooch), no bar is displayed when I activate the trinket.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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