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    Quote from feliae »

    I'm really sorry about that.. I didn't pay enough attention I guess. The opacity issue (#2) is *not*
    the first bug I described persists though. I can't rule it out for buffs.. but it certainly has that behaviour with debuffs. No matter which debuff I cast on the target (hunter's mark, beast lore, * Sting) it sometimes uses the debuff's icon as background to the whole target frame. Sometimes it's just the health bar background.. but usually it's the whole frame. I will try to provide some screenshots later that day.. unless this error is well known and you already know what I am talking about (:

    I have this same problems. It happened quite often in Gruul's and Mag last night for me. Nothing game-breaking, just highly annoying. It only occurred with my own buffs, could happen on Target, ToT, or ToToT, could usually be fixed simply by deselecting and reselecting the mob, though I couldn't come up with why it sometimes did that and sometimes didn't. It wasn't only when by debuffs were applied first, nor only when they were applied after others. The icon often changed to the most recent debuffs when new ones were applied (i.e. show Weaving, and then change to SW:Pain when applied, though this didn't happen every time I don't think).

    Is there any way to get rid of the buff/debuff shading timers? They're more annoying than anything to me since I use a separate DoT timer.
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    Is there a way to limit the heals and power gains based on amount? I don't want VE and VT spam showing up, but would still like to see HoTs and some of the more powerful mana gains. Not sure if it can be done with one of the suppressions, or if I'm missing something else, or if it would have to be something added to the addon.
    I like to set it to a set number not to go over, so I still get heals showing up from Blast/Death, rather than cutting them out all together.
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    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I seem to get a "flicker" effect under certain circumstances. I have player and target bars in one, tracking trinkets and such on myself and shadow priest debuffs on the target. I haven't been able to pinpoint what it is exactly, but the "flicker" effect seems to happen most often when I cast Shadow Word: Death (which apparently adds and removes a debuff on myself almost simultaneously), as well as when I PW:Shield myself (buff/debuff on myself instantly). It seems to me it's more a problem when Shield gets consumed almost right away, but I can't say for sure. Even though neither of them are tracked by CT, the bars "flicker" out for between half a second and 2 seconds or so (and in one exceptional case, as long as 6 seconds).

    Just wondering if you know what's causing that, and whether it's something on my end or something with the mod.
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