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    posted a message on FreeMe: Mod that removes buffs
    Seeking other people's experience with this mod for removing nether protection automatically (salv removal looks fine). From the code it reacts to an event triggered when you gain a spell aura and then attempts to cancel the aura if its salv or NP.

    I've tested this with a spriest and warlock spamming me and I've found that occasionally NP is removed slowly or not at all. Most of the time it works, but not 100%. Secondly I wonder whether a boss will immediately change target upon my gaining NP, or whether the boss will not switch until I've actually avoided a fire/shadow dmg ability by being immune. For reference lets assume a warlock tanking illidan.

    I've also noticed when you turn the mod on an existing salv is not removed, perhaps the code should remove salv/NP when the mod is toggled on.
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    posted a message on Boost (tracking debuff benefits)

    This idea spawned from being a destruction warlock and wondering what the actual boost from Improved Shadow Bolt procs on mobs was on a given fight in a given raid - for me and for other raid members. How often does it get applied (by me, by all warlocks)? How often does it overwrite another ISB? How much damage boost did it give (me, everyone)? What percentage of the time is it active (from me, from everyone)? And so on.

    With the changes made in patch 2.4, it seems like it might be possible to accurately track when certain debuffs are applied/consumed/removed on mobs, who 'owns' the debuff (who put it up) and to track damage effects done to mobs whilst those effects are up. Certain debuffs would be problematic, you might be able to track sunders, but establishing how much effect that has on each damaging hit is problematic/impossible. Whereas a debuff like improved shadowbolt or improved scorch might be easier to track both the debuff and the damage boost that it gave. You could maintain stats by mob and per player and per effect and report that data in different ways.

    This is all dependant on the combat events and unit buff API being sufficiently useful that we are notified of relevant events, can track accurately enough whether damage occurred whilst the effect was active, can track charges being consumed (eg for ISB, we might have to 'count' charges ourselves?) or dropping off (timers).

    I can imagine various classes have effects they put up that they might want to track the boost from:

    Warlocks: improved shadow bolt, curse of elements, curse of shadows
    Mages: improved scorch, winters chill
    Shaman: stormstrike
    Druids: mangle
    Priests: misery, shadow weaving
    Warriors: blood frenzy

    Perhaps it extends beyond damage to also healing effects (Fel Armor, Healing Way) and damage received (Shadow Embrace).

    I am thinking of writing an extremely basic non GUI version starting maybe in a few weeks time and probably I would only handle ISBs - I am quite inexperienced and would do a mediocre job of it. If anyone with skill/talent/time wants to have a go, please do. Of course if this has already been done, or isn't possible, or is plain useless, well let's kill it off now :)
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    posted a message on What a bunch of BS :-(
    The idea when someone does something great for you - for free - is not to give them crap, but many thanks.

    Thanks to the author(s) of Omen/Threat for doing a great job and sharing it with everyone.
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] LibDogTag-3.0 talent tag
    I'm doing my own custom shortening of talent trees. It's not short or elegant, but it works fine. The recently added Replace() tag does all you need.

    TalentTree:Replace("Restoration","Resto"):Replace("Elemental","Ele") etc etc etc

    One thing I have found is that everyone has their own preferred short talent tree names. Is it BM or Beast spec? Is it Destro or Destruct spec? Is it Demo or Demon spec? The use of replace tags will let you make it how you prefer it to be.
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    I'm seeing some strange behaviour with dogtags updating properly for threat bar in pitbull.

    Dogtag A (works): [FractionalThreat " " Threat "/" MaxThreat]
    Dogtag B (works): [FractionalThreat " " Threat]
    Dogtag C (fails): [Threat "/" MaxThreat]
    Dogtag D (works): [FractionalThreat " " MaxThreat]

    Dogtag C does not update unless I hit the mob. If my tank hits the mob but I stand passively, the tag does not update.

    It can be fixed by making it:

    Dogtag E (works): [1=0?FractionalThreat] [Threat "/" MaxThreat]

    Testing was done on my warlock with a voidwalker as the tank. I'd appreciate it if anyone could replicate this test.
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    posted a message on StatBlocks v1: Official Thread
    I'm having a problem getting statblocks dogtag working. I am quite familiar with addons, I've tried installing with/without externals, I've got dogtags working like clockwork with pitbull,cowtip etc, other stat blocks work fine, I've check the installation and it looks clean (installed with wau), with externals the libs are there and so on. I've read through the lua/toc/xml and so on to see if there is something missing that it needs, but wow claims a dependancy is missing and won't load the addon.
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    posted a message on Are DogTags too difficult? Help me make it better
    Thanks very much for adding Replace :)

    I think its pretty useful, I've already started using it in my dogtags.

    As an example, this is my method for shortening talent trees (not elegant).

    [TalentTree:Replace("Feral Combat","Feral"):Replace("Restoration","Resto"):Replace("Assassination","Assassin")
    :Replace("Destruction","Destro"):Replace("Beast Mastery","BM"):Replace("Marksmanship","Marks")]

    I think it also has some use in replacing delimiters, or keywords in mixed tags like "Ghost <time>".
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] TalentSpec DogTag
    I display talent specs in pitbull and in cowtip. I find that if a target isn't showing talent spec, its the same for both pitbull and cowtip. Either the game isn't making the data available or an API isn't picking it up. I've noticed it even in a raid standing right next to people and targetting/mouse over on them. Sometimes it does come up after a delay or moving away / returning. Its not frequent, most of the time it works great :)
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    posted a message on Are DogTags too difficult? Help me make it better
    At risk of feature bloat, requesting the following text manipulation:

    Replace(first, second, right=false)
    Replace all first with second in right if right exists.
    ["Hello There, Hello":Replace("Hello", "Stop")] => "Stop There, Stop"
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    posted a message on dogtag feature request: new line \n
    Is this supported? I'd really like to add a second line to a name tag that would show talent spec if the target has a talent spec. If no talent spec then I don't want to add the second line.


    "Scary Mob"

    "Scary Player
    Scary Spec"
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Thanks for this cool addon.

    I've set the main tank list to display in compact mode. In this mode it shows the name over a health bar coloured by class. Beneath the name/hpbar is a percentage text for the tank's hp. Is there a setting or method to remove the percentage display and thus make the compact mode more compact?

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