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    Well I figured out the Cartographer Minimap icon issue. Didn't realize that you could control the button under "Hotspots" so I got that fixed, but my map still changes back to a circle! I have bongos but that no longer controls the minimap. I've tried it using Bongos Cornucopia but that did it as well. So I'm still stumped! Like I said before my only guess would be gfxtoggle, when I change from Low to High in Major Cities or something...but I really don't know.

    Again thank you for any help!

    I also have gfxToggle2 and have the same problem with a circular minimap in a square border; off-hand I think I used to have the same problem with SimpleMiniMap as well. I like Chinchilla better, but it's an annoyance that every time I change graphic settings with gfxToggle2, I have to go into Chinchilla's options, change the minimap shape to anything else, and change it back to square to get the minimap texture square again.
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    Linnari: Have you tried enabling FlagRSP2's extra tooltip? That's the only way I could get it to work alongside CowTip -- and it was the only one of the three mentioned above that would even remotely do so.

    The extra "light mode" tooltip seems to work for me with CowTip until I move the tooltip around in CowTip a lot, or change the font size in CowTip. Then it gets detached from the CowTip tooltip and ends up in random places on the bottom of my screen, even partially offscreen in one case. :/
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    I tried Auctioneer Advanced, and went back to Auctioneer 4. The new interface is too confusing for me (and led to me listing a stack of leather for the price of one piece of leather, oops).
    But the deal-breaker right now is that Auctioneer 4 is load on demand and Auctioneer Advanced is not. I normally don't load Auctioneer until I'm doing auctions to save memory, but I have to reload the UI (or log out, mess with settings, log back in) to start Auctioneer Advanced. If I forget to disable Auctioneer Advanced before logging in, it will load on startup and take up a lot of memory.
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    Well, if they still function and no features need to be added, why would they be updated?

    FlagRSP2 is what I currently use, and the latest version of it has some Ace2 in it, at least enough for a FuBar plugin.... it would be nice if it was on WowAceUpdater, though.
    It was very buggy when I tried it with CowTip, though, despite running FlagRSP2 in its default tooltip compatibility settings. I uninstalled CowTip, but I miss some of its nicer features. I'd like to have FlagRSP2 (or some other FlagRSP-compatible mod) with CowTip tooltips, but I don't know how likely that is to happen.
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