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    Yea. Thanks the fish!
    Autobar is one of my most favourite Addons over the last years of WoW. :)

    Have Fun on whatever you do now :P
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    The first Aced - Bar addon I like. Saying this I find 2 things very uncomftable.
    Setting hotkeys. I use a lot of them (about 28 on bars :P) and it is a pain to ad hotkeys by configuring each one after one. Can you add a hotkey mode so i can set all hotkeys by clicking the button i want to set on the interface bar then press the key for assigning it (example is trinity bars) or add the bar to the key setup menu of blizzard. That would be great.

    second:after switching off the blizz default bars off I miss the menu. Is there a way to generate a bar with the menu Items in it (or preserve only the menu)?

    Thanks and great work. Will swap from trinity as soon as it is no pain to set hotkeys.


    - changed word button <-> key meaning :P
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