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    posted a message on Addons/Elements being suppressed....why??
    I wasn't really sure if this was the right place for a help request, so if not please re-direct.

    For some time now I've had some UI elements being suppressed through no doing of my own, and I've been unable to find the source. Things like the default blizzard quest tracker simply not showing up, or clockfu refusing to actually place the clock on the panel. Recently, I found that mods with timers(antagonist, etc.), while installed and enabled, simply aren't working. I've been through every addon I have at this point in search of some feature thats disabling things, but I simply can't find it. Perhaps someone has had a similar experience, or knows of a mod that might be doing the aforementioned things? My gut tells me its something silly that I'm merely overlooking, but I just can't find it! Active mods:

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