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    posted a message on WADDU - WoW Addon Updater
    since today i´m getting this wired error message .. maybe you can have a look into ...

    The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
       at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
       at Waddu.Core.CookieManager.GetWowAceCookies(String loginName, String loginPassword)
       at Waddu.Core.CookieManager.GetCookies(AddonSiteId addonSiteId)
       at Waddu.Core.WebHelper.GetHtml(String url, AddonSiteId addonSiteId)
       at Waddu.Core.AddonSites.SiteWowAce.ParseInfoSite(Mapping mapping)
       at Waddu.Core.AddonSites.SiteWowAce.GetSiteAddon(Mapping mapping)
       at Waddu.Core.AddonSites.SiteWowAce.GetVersion(Mapping mapping)
       at Waddu.Core.BusinessObjects.Mapping.CheckRemote()
       at Waddu.Core.WorkItems.WorkItemAddonVersionCheck.DoWork(WorkerThread workerThread)
       at Waddu.Core.WorkerThread.ThreadProc(Object param)

    forget about it ... i think i found the problem myself :)
    "We're Sorry, but currently the site is down for maintenance."
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    posted a message on LibBabble-Boss-3.0 - Translation Issu maybe...
    Date: 2009-01-09 17:54:52
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...sLoot\Libs\LibBabble-Boss-3.0\LibBabble-Boss-3.0.lua line 61:
    LibBabble-CreatureType-3.0: Translation "Humanoid" not found for locale "deDE"
    ZHunterMod\ZExtras\ZTrackTarget.lua:10: in main chunk

    Anyone out there who can give me a hint where to look for the problem ...
    getting this annoying error each time i log in ..

    thanks in advance ..
    lanc0r ..
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    posted a message on WADDU - WoW Addon Updater
    just a smal wish ...
    would it be possible to show the date of the last update in a separte colum so i can sort it to have the newest addons updated on top of the list ...

    everything else ... works like a charm ... :)

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    posted a message on WADDU - WoW Addon Updater
    hi roemer ...

    getting this error while checking for new addons .. any idea ?

    Unable to cast object of type 'System.Object' to type 'System.String'.
       at Waddu.AddonSites.SiteWowSpecial.GetVersion(Mapping mapping)
       at Waddu.BusinessObjects.Mapping.CheckRemote()
       at Waddu.Classes.WorkerThread.ThreadProc(Object param)
    and keep up that nice work !!


    edit: after checkin a few pages back in this thread ..
    i think you also want to know the concerning addon .. for me it seems to be CT_RaidTracker
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    posted a message on WADDU - WoW Addon Updater
    yea ... just keep up the good work ...
    first real alternative available ... !!
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    posted a message on WADDU - WoW Addon Updater
    just realised that you updated right now :)

    when i start waddu not having wow installed in c:\program files\...
    it first gets me an error stating that there is no wow installed ...
    after confirming the errordialog it lets me set the correct path ... and then runs fine ..

    The Addons not beeing updated you can see in the attachments ...

    Thanx 4 the great work .. !
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    posted a message on BananaBar2 error
    Hi Community ...

    after installing BananaBar2 the WoW Loading Screen freezes after 1/3 of loading ...

    anyone else experiencing this problem ??

    Or is there another Addon displaying me all the Raid Icons (Moon/Star/X/etc.) as a clickable bar for selecting the assigned target ?

    Thanx4help ...

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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    Here?s the complete error msg ...
    maybe this helps ..

    Date: 2007-07-28 21:58:23
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Prat_Modules\modules\Alias.lua line 87:
      AceLocale(Alias): Improper translation exists. "<command>[ <value>] - alias <command> to be executed as <value>, or return the value of the currently defined alias for <command> if <command> has not been assigned a value. eg: \"/alias /examplehello /say hello there\" - typing \"/examplehello\" will now cause your character to say \"hello there\"; \"/alias examplehello\" - prints \"/examplehello is aliased to /say hello there\"" is likely misspelled for locale deDE.
      [C]: ?
      [C]: error()
      ...nterface\AddOns\FuBar\libs\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:100: error()
      ...ce\AddOns\FuBar\libs\AceLocale-2.2\AceLocale-2.2.lua:220: RegisterTranslations()
      Prat_Modules\modules\Alias.lua:87: in main chunk
      [C]: LoadAddOn()
      Prat_AutoLoD\autolod.lua:106: Load()
      [C]: pcall()
      ...face\AddOns\FuBar\libs\AceAddon-2.0\AceAddon-2.0.lua:999: ManualEnable()
      [C]: ?
      ...face\AddOns\FuBar\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:262: TriggerEvent()
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