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    posted a message on Mod Request "Power Auras"
    Quote from Sirow »

    Ok, some progress. What's done, what needs to be done:

    • (done) animated alpha
    • (done) animated color
    • (done) animated position
    • (done) animated size (width, height, scale)
    • (done) animated rotation
    • (done) play a sound
    • (done) variable texture
    • (done) variable animation and fade time

    • (not done) Combatlog Events/Weapon Proc
    • (done) Cooldown
    • (done) Buffs/Debuffs (Self, Raid/Group, Target)
    • (done) Debuff Type (Self, Raid/Group, Target)
    • (done) ComboPoints
    • (done) BigWigs
    • (done) Health/Mana below Threshold
    • (done) Manareg enabled
    • (done) Aggro Gain

    Thats going to be the next stage after some cleanups and fixes...

    your speed is awesome :) i'm looking forward to use this addon, seems to be one of the best nice2have addons made the last time, thank you for your work :)
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    posted a message on Cartographer
    error on german client:

    ...r_herbalism\libs\Talismonger-3.0\Talismonger-3.0.lua:320:invalid capture index

    somehow gets triggert when a enemy is casting
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    posted a message on Performace problems possibly from grid?
    I'm using grid too with all add-ins
    ... and I've got the same problems
    My Framerate is dropping from ~70 to 5-8

    Grid - Already at rev 29786 - Skipping
    GridLayoutForHealers - Already at rev 26541 - Skipping
    GridSideIndicators - Already at rev 26541 - Skipping
    GridStatusHealer - Already at rev 27322 - Skipping
    GridStatusHots - Already at rev 29957 - Skipping
    GridStatusHotStack - Already at rev 26541 - Skipping
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    posted a message on HotCandy - a Healing over Time Monitor.
    as priest i love this addon, but 1 little question:
    would it be possible to add some kind of "Prayer of Mending"-tracker to the listed HOTs,
    i know its hard to track the jumps of PoM but it would be looking much better if one addon could watch HOTs and PoM
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