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    Is there going to be support for all seals? Currently, I cannot select Seal of the Martyr (Alliance version of Blood). I don't have a horde paladin, so it's possible they can't select Seal of Corruption (Horde version of Vengeance). It would be nice for when I go ret spec to not have to worry about casting the seal.

    Also, with seal changes, it would be nice if the cap was raised higher than 60 seconds on auto rebuff. Ideally, I'd like to set both seal and righteous fury to 10 min so they are always refreshed long enough for a boss fight. (I do the same with blessings as well.)

    Still my favorite buffing mod. On a side note - the mage portal thing is awesome, and I actually like using it on all my characters. I never even knew about it until I logged on my mage and saw it. No more using an action bar slot for hearth/engineering teleporters!
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    Quote from lilsparky
    ironically, this is probably a case of the linux window manager intercepting the alt for it's own purposes. you can probably find a method to change the meta key it's intercepting. i had this problem with ubuntu and finally configured it to let alt pass thru (told it to use the windows key).

    The strange thing though, is that the behavior isn't always broken. For instance, I can alt+click Clique or Healbot perfectly fine. It's only broken for certain mods like Atlas Loot.

    I would like to check if it is the window manager though. I'm using Arch/LXDE - which uses Open Box - not sure what exactly I would need to do to modify it though.
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    Well, personally, I am trying to do something along the lines of Combuctor + Baggins + some features not in either. A frame with a scroll pane that contains a grid of filtered inventory items. Some Tabs that determine how those items are filtered. Some more tabs/buttons that behave as the default bliizard bags (so its easy to swap a 18 slot bag for a 22 slot bag, or ammo pouch for quiver, shard bag for normal bag, etc).

    All of them will be configurable as to where they are anchored, direction they grow, icon size, etc. (As mentioned before, almost all the configuration panel is done, just need to make it work.)

    I might take a look at Combuctor for some code, but Combuctor seems to auto size the iventory item icons. I want them to be a set size and have a scroll bar if necessary. The grid of items might also be broken down into categories like Baggins, or optionally so.
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    Is there still a plan to make libBaggage support storage of guild bank data?

    I'm thinking of using it for a bag mod I plan to make. I will also take a look at Luggage as well to see if I like it. From the screen shot though, it will be much like Baggins - which I like a lot, except I have so many bags/categories that it's become a pain to actually view my bags + bank with. (Way too many overlapping bags.)
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    posted a message on AceGUI First Timer Guide? Examples?
    I may be wrong, but it seems like bubblecannon is looking to do some actual UI elements and not just a GUI configuration screen.

    If I am wrong, and you want a config screen for your mod:

    If I am right... well I am stuck at the exact same point at the moment. I have this very awesome and well done options panel, but the mod doesn't do anything at all - yet.

    So now I am curious, how do we go about making a window/frame? Should we use AceGUI or some other libraries for this? Are there any good tutorials for that laying around?
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    Thanks, it still took me a bit since my lua skills are very rusty. Between the example and some more poking around in Button Facade, I was able to get it working so far. Now to flesh out the options panel. ^.^

    I'm hoping it's easy to do things like I see in the Omen panel like:
    [drop down|V] [X] Check Box1
    [_] Check box2 [_] Check box3

    Also, hoping it's relatively easy to add inline elements, like Baggins does for adding rules/categores/bags.

    Your help is much appreciated though.
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    Quote from Nevcairiel
    A glitch would imply a bug, which it is not. You can pass a sub-path argument to the AddToBlizzOptions call and add multiple sub-tables without creating them individually.

    Can you please post a simple example of how to do this? I've been digging through the Lua of Omen, Bartender, Button Facae, etc. trying to figure out how, and reminded myself what I don't like about LUA. Everyone has their own style/syntax and its like smashing your face into a brick wall when trying to figure out how someone did something.
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    posted a message on WelcomeHome - Your first Ace3 Addon
    local options = {
        type = 'group',
        args = {
            someopt = {
              --code for options
            --maybe more options
            profile = LibStub("AceDBOptions-3.0"):GetOptionsTable(self.db)
    This didn't seem to work for me, because self.db was not set yet. (I have it set in my initialization function.)  I assume setting it in the init is the proper way to do things, but I don't really know for sure.
    I have the following technically working, but ugly as crap in the addon config window.
    function Tabbins:OnInitialize()
        -- Called when the addon is loaded
        self.db = LibStub("AceDB-3.0"):New("TabbinsDB", defaults, "Default")
        options.args.profile = LibStub("AceDBOptions-3.0"):GetOptionsTable(self.db)
        LibStub("AceConfig-3.0"):RegisterOptionsTable("Tabbins", options)
        self.optionsFrame = LibStub("AceConfigDialog-3.0"):AddToBlizOptions("Tabbins", "Tabbins")
        self:RegisterChatCommand("tabbins", "ChatCommand")
    What happens is that I get a large box on the left with "Profiles" and another box on the right that allows you to configure them. What I really want, is for "Profiles" to appear under Tabbins, in a tree structure, in the Bliizard Addons window and for the configuration to display like normal once the profiles part is selected. Not sure what I am doing wrong really.

    Also, it was mentioned in the ace3 tutorials that you should put your locales in a locales directory, and use a locales.xml file to load them so that other people will/can not have access to your .toc file and base directory. I tied this, but blew things up. So I was wondering if anyone had a basic template for an enUS.lua and locale.xml loading from a sub-directory.
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    posted a message on Grid
    Quote from essmene
    On the search page you select "show result as [ ] thread [ ] post"

    Thanks, that has helped me in searching a lot. Though I still haven't been able to find anything in the past hour or so on how to make grid a little less grid and little more rectangles.
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    posted a message on Combuctor: All in one, filterable displays for your inventory and bank
    I'm not certain if you can open bank inventory bags from anywhere or not. (The opening post does not specifically say you can, though I assume yes.) This is something I find sorely lacking in baggins, I can "see" the gear in my bank, but I have to dig through a huge drop down menu and I can't just "open" my bank bags. As a loot wh... I mean paladin, this makes determining if off-spec gear is an upgrade or not a pain.

    What really draws me to this addon is its tabbed nature. Using baggins, I have many separate bags. Quest Items, Tradeskills, Consumables, a Shards/Ammo/Relic/Libram/Totem bag (depending on class), Caster Gear, Melee Gear, Tank Gear, Resist Gear, and a Misc. bag for the rest. Each bag has collapsible subheadings (ex. Tradeskills - minerals, gems, cloth, leather, enchanting mats, tradeskill tools, etc.). The problem is, when I go to the bank, I have so much stuff showing up that bags clip over other bags and I have to constantly open/close bags to see what I have. Hence, why I am drawn to the tabbed nature of Combuctor.

    I know you want to add custom tabs in the future, so I thought I'd pass on some ideas and thoughts. As someone whom has configured baggins extensively, there are a number of awesome and annoying things I'd like to point out, so that perhaps Combuctor is easier to configure.

    What was awesome:

    1. Highly customizable filters with AND/OR functionality.
    2. Access to Periodic Table library sets.
    3. Access to blizzard filters - equip location, item class - food, quest, etc.
    4. Filtering of items by String.
    What was annoying:

    Filter configuration took forever because of how strings were handled. For doing an intensive configuration - ex. a Healing Gear bag, with sub-sections for haste, crit, mp5, and just plain spell power - you had to add a filter for each stat. Selecting type > tooltip string, type in text, select AND/OR/NOT. Repeat for each state both in caps and not - gems often use the opposite case as gear! Now this doesn't sound bad, but what happens when you try to do this for Caster Gear, Melee Gear, Tank Gear, and Resist Gear?!? ... a couple of hours worth of configuration...

    With Combuctors tabbed layout, things would be far easier. You could just create a holy bag for all gear with crit, haste, mp5, spell power, int, or spirit. Then if you were looking specifically for crit - just type in crit and it would only show [or optionally highlight] crit items. This sub-filtering within an already filtered bag is preferred, because as a paladin I have both caster and melee haste/crit items.

    The problem with baggins was that there was no quick way to do complex tooltip filtering. I'd love a comma (acting as OR or AND NOT) delimited list, especially with AND/NOT/OR functionality. Under such a system, the following strings would create tabs for virtually every class based on gear function:

    • Caster Gear: spell power, intellect, spirit, haste rating, critical strike rating AND NOT attack power, agility, strength, resist
    • Melee Gear: attack power, armor penetration rating, expertise rating, critical strike rating, agility, strength AND NOT spell power, spirit, dodge rating, parry rating, block rating, block value, defense rating, resist
    • Tank Gear: dodge rating, parry rating, block rating, block value, defense rating AND NOT resist
    • Resist Gear: resist AND fire, arcane, fire, frost, nature, shadow, holy
    That would be far more useful as a paladin than a Weapon / Armor tab. ;)

    Another useful thing would be to have an optional, movable action bar for quest items. Baggins is nice in that if you setup a bag for just quest items, it is generally very small and you can leave it open to use them.

    Since I haven't messed around with Combuctor yet, having tradeskill stuff split like I did in baggins would be nice. Either a tab for each skill, or a drop down to select what you want to see (Gems, Ore, Herbs, Cloth, etc).
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    Quote from Tuller
    Someone could write up a "World of Warcraft user interface guidelines" standard of some sort. Not it.

    Also, Combuctor does alt + left drag since I don't want people accidentally moving the frame, and I did not feel like writing a configuration interface.

    I'm not sure if this would happen with Combuctor, but I have noticed in a couple addons that alt+click is broken sometimes. By sometimes, I mean whenever I run WoW under Arch Linux + Wine. Examples of this: Alt+click for Atlas Loot to add items to the wish list, dragging in some mods (I think it was oRA2 I was trying to drag and it didn't work). Just thought I point this out as it can be incredibly annoying to have to exit game, reboot, log into windows, adjust stuff, and go back into linux. :mad:

    Honestly, I really like how Bartender handles its dragging mode. I click the icon, move stuff, it can stick if I want or not, and I can lock it back down. Plus while moving things items glow a nice green showing you exactly how much space they will take up - I wish all my cooldown timers and things of that nature would show my a max case scenario of how much real estate they'd take up on my screen.

    Additionally, being able to click anywhere on the bars makes it far easier than this tiny little anchor I can barely see - if at all. Overachiever was a pain to move, since at the time I had bartender bars covering its default location and I couldn't even see the stupid little white box of an anchor.

    Also, the anchors should not have tooltips. It took me forever to move Incubator bars, because I have them in the bottom right corner next to my DBM bars that are not in focus. However, the stupid tooltip made aligning the bars a nightmare an a half. (I know I could probably get a mod to move the tooltip, but still it was annoying.)

    I do think all mods should have a lock/unlock feature, because once I have something set I don't want to accidentally move it during combat. I generally tank things, so I don't want stuff moving accidentally in the way of something I need to see during combat.
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    posted a message on Grid
    Is there a way to modify the size of each unit frame within the grid? I know I did it a long time ago when I was trying out grid/clique, but no longer have my old settings and can't remember how I did it.

    Also, is there a way to search for text within a thread in this forum? I mean this thread alone is showing as 282 pages... I don't mind searching for my answer, but I'm leery of manually digging through 250+ pages of posts to find it. =/
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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Win/OSX/Linux, supports multiple sites), 1.6 thread
    Note: using WUU version 1.8.603 from a few aboves this one.

    I used to use JWowUpdater, but it seems that project has been discontinued. I found this today and decided to give it a try. It seems to work quite well for the most part, but I do have a few questions. I have a few mods that just don't seem to want to update. I've read the FAQ, which directed me to:

    Is this page out of date? The following seem to be dead:
    WoWAce is for syncing addons with http://www.wowace.com/files/
    AceSVN is for syncing addons with http://svn.wowace.com/wowace

    If I'm not mistaken, that would be because Ace has merged with Curse or something along those lines. I used to get everything from wowace, then when they merged everything was on curse. I've been gone for a couple months, and am trying to update my mods now. It seems a lot of the stuff that was on curse is now dead, but I have no clue where to find it anymore. =/

    Mods that I can't get WUU to update:
    Auctioneer - from Auctioneer site, haven't tried switching it to curse yet.
    Cooldown Count - I think its outdated anyways, might switch to OmniCC

    Other mods that won't work, but I am uncertain if they have been merged into the main mods and should be tagged as "related" mods. (Back when I used JWU, these were all separate entries on Curse!)
    Cartographer - ExtractGas, Fishing, Herbalism, Icons, Mailboxes, Mining, NoteShare, Opening, QuestObjectives, Quests, Treasure, Vendors

    Any help getting them auto updated is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. w00t for updaters that work in Linux :D
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    Thanks, just removing those three that are now on WoWace solved the problem. The others all do fine now.
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    I tried to change the socket timeout value, but still get the same results, it just takes longer now. =/ Worth a try though. I might just switch them all to using a different site for now, and see what happens. All the ace mod downloads work fine though.
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