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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    I've been using this for a while now and absolutely love it. Every raid day I just run the app to make sure I have the right Omen version and everything else. However, today I noticed it stopped working with CURSE, so I downloaded the latest version (1.95 before, now 1.97) and I am still have the same problem. I actually logged onto Curse just to see if the site was down, but it appears to be up. I then decided to check the numbers, and the addon still had the same number.

    Addons with issues so far include:
    TankPoints with ID: [992] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    SWStats with ID: [2091] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    RatingBuster with ID: [4991] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    Healbot with ID: [3802] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    HealPoints with ID: [2170] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    Fizzwidget Gemologist with ID: [2302] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    Fizzwidget Disenchant Predictor with ID: [1272] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    EPGP with ID: [4528] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    DoTimer with ID: [3260] could not be found on site: [CURSE]
    Auctioneer with ID: [78] could not be found on site: [CURSE]

    Never had any problems until today though. I am however, running on Linux, so perhaps it is a platform specific issue?

    The only other issue I've ever had was it not liking to actually auto-update itself, I always have to go and download the .zip manually from google code, could also be a linux issue. Any help on how to fix either of these issues would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on AckisRecipeList - Official Thread
    IS this compatible with Manufacturer? I don't seem to get any output to the chat logs using this mod, but I also use manufacturer, so maybe they are not compatible. =/
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    posted a message on Table sorting question.
    I'm also having troubles with sorting. I've gotten some sorts to work ok, and some not. Currently I am trying to merge data from different tables, sort it, and then return it at the end of the function. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the sort function working. Perhaps someone else can figure this out, since I am obviously doing something wrong here. I merge the data into a temp array, which when saved to saved variables.lua looks like this:

    			["TMP"] = {
    				["Kinnex"] = 775,
    				["Velgarn"] = 272,
    				["Tester"] = 800,

    It is just a simple list of Name = Roll pairs. I've tried several sort functions, but the table never seems to be sorted. I am trying to sort of from highest roll to lowest. Any help here would be greatly appreciated, as tables are still a problem for me even after reading the PIL page.

    On a side note, should I use reverse lookup tables? Sadly, Lua does not seem to have a way to store data already sorted. instead you have to do both a list, and a reverse list or sort it every time you need the sorted data. Which for a loot system, is basically every time you want to look at your position in the loot listing. As far as I understand it, it's a trade off of memory (keeping the reverse list stored) vs. processing (sorting the list every time you need it). Which is 'better'? I ask now, since it will likely change the current function I am working on, as well as the design of later functions. Basically, the lists should generally be 25-40 entries, rarely over that.
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    posted a message on Waterfall-1.0
    Is there a way to display table data in the waterfall GUI?
    Would TableTopLib work? (Is it compatible with Waterfall?) [Is there TableTopLib guide somewhere?]

    I am working on a Suicide Kings (loot distribution) mod. I'd like to be able to display a list of all players in the loot list sorted by roll value. I have the mod to the point of storing the data, but am not sure how to make it display in the GUI or if it is possible.

    Everything else in waterfall has been great and pretty easy to figure out. Very excellent mod!
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    posted a message on Waterfall-1.0
    I was working on configuring a Mod to use Waterfall and I'd like to start off by saying it's really nice. There is one main thing I noticed.

    Drop downs do not seem to auto sort. I don't know if DewDrop does, or if it's DeuceCommander. Either way, when I use DeuceCommander the lists automatically sort. It was a nice option really. Something to consider adding to Waterfall. Perhaps it could be added to AceOptions as a value - 'sort' with 'asc' and 'dsc' values for sort type. maybe even sort by key, or value! That'd be pretty cool actually.
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