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    Ok, I've spent a bit of time trying to find a place to download the infamous KMFDM mod, but I've only come up with a script for it....and I have no idea how to put in scripts. So, could anyone link me to a download, or tell me what to do with the script? I seriously hate KTM, and as a healer (who's beginning to hog up more and more CPU memory) I really don't need it. But because our guild counsel strictly follows the rules of the nazi regime, I'll get kicked without some representation of KTM showing up.....

    So any help is appreciated, and thanks for your time :).
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    Quote from FlareCDE »

    WUU can do that. It checks other sites in addition to this one.

    I love you.

    In the hetero way of course.


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    I apologize for not responding to this thread any earlier, I've been busy, and I think I worded my first post wrongly.

    I was wondering if it was possible to updated KTM via the ace updater, rather than having to download from a site every time you get yelled at for it being out of day. I run the updater daily, but I don't check sites daily.

    I do agree, it can be considered a crutch, but it also can be considered a bit of a motivator to make DPS go farther than they normally do, so they won't be scared to pull aggro or something of the sort.

    Thank you for the replies though :), and sorry for wording things wrongly.
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    Having to go to a site to download KTM threat meter upgrades is getting slightly annoying, and I'm wondering if there's any threat meter alternative, or version of KTM working with Ace and/or the updater? Thanks in advance :).
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    Hmmm, strange...just deleting BigWigs from the AddOns folder, downloading/installing the latest version off of curse, then running the auto updater fixes the problem. Dunno what was causing it, but it's completely fixed now.
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    I as well am getting the problem. Mods won't start up upon mousing over bosses, and when manually loaded nothing at all happens except for maybe the proximity monitor, if it's used on the specific boss fight. Also, upon defeating the boss, the mod will deactivate but won't play anything. When using the test option, absolutely nothing happens.

    I just played around with some addon things, to turn on the BigWigs plugin addon, and to turn a few more things on (turned nothing off) that may have fixed it, but I highly doubt it. And I know this list is messy, just trying to get it as fast as I can.

    Addon list:

    Blizzard_AuctionUI: enabled
    Blizzard_BattlefieldMinimap: enabled
    Blizzard_BindingUI: enabled
    Blizzard_CraftUI: enabled
    Blizzard_InspectUI: enabled
    Blizzard_MacroUI: enabled
    Blizzard_RaidUI: enabled
    Blizzard_TalentUI: enabled
    Blizzard_TradeSkillUI: enabled
    Blizzard_TrainerUI: enabled
    Auctioneer: disabled
    EnhTooltip: disabled
    Wr: enabled
    AuctionMatrix: disabled
    AlphaMap: disabled
    ICPvP: disabled
    myMusic: disabled
    AutoShoutOut: enabled
    MetaMap: enabled
    Musicplayer: enabled
    ABInfo NurfedBars: disabled
    TitanAtlas: disabled
    TitanAceWardrobe: disabled
    AutoShortBuff: disabled
    FlightMap: disabled
    Ace: enabled
    QuickLoot: enabled
    Nurfed_General: disabled
    Nurfed_UnitFrames: disabled
    DamageMeters: enabled
    IBRezTimer: enabled
    Alkitron_HonorTab: disabled
    BonusScanner: enabled
    EquipCompare: disabled
    FishingBuddy: enabled
    MetaMapFWM: enabled
    myReloadUI: enabled
    OutfitDisplayFrame: disabled
    sct: enabled
    SuperInspect: enabled
    SuperInspect_UI: enabled
    LootLink: disabled
    MobHealth: enabled
    SelfCast: enabled
    Titan: enabled
    TitanAmmo: enabled
    TitanBag: enabled
    TitanClock: enabled
    TitanCoords: enabled
    TitanHonorPlus: enabled
    TitanItemBonuses: enabled
    TitanLootType: enabled
    TitanMoney: enabled
    TitanPerformance: enabled
    TitanRegen: enabled
    TitanRepair: enabled
    TitanRider: enabled
    TitanStanceSets: disabled
    TitanXP: enabled
    UBotD: disabled
    UndressButton: disabled
    ABHelper: disabled
    LootLinkAddDB: disabled
    AceWardrobe: disabled
    BGSwitch: disabled
    BGinvite: disabled
    MonkeyLibrary: disabled
    MonkeyQuest: disabled
    MonkeyBuddy: disabled
    Deedeedee: disabled
    MetaMapBLT: enabled
    Timex: disabled
    BossPanel: disabled
    BossPanel_AceWardrobe: disabled
    AutoDing: disabled
    Atlas: disabled
    CT_RABossMods: disabled
    CT_RaidAssist: enabled
    CT_RaidTracker: enabled
    ABTimeLeft: disabled
    CT_BuffMod: enabled
    CT_ExpenseHistory: enabled
    CT_MailMod: enabled
    CT_MasterMod: enabled
    CT_PartyBuffs: disabled
    CT_QuestLevels: enabled
    CT_UnitFrames: enabled
    DamnWindfury: disabled
    Decursive: enabled
    LevelCheck: enabled
    LuckyCharms: enabled
    MetaMapCVT: enabled
    Outfitter: enabled
    sct_options: enabled
    ShammyBuff: enabled
    Stubby: disabled
    TipBuddy: disabled
    TitanCritLine: enabled
    TitanOutfitter: enabled
    WhispList: disabled
    Yatlas: disabled
    DiscordLibrary: disabled
    DiscordUnitFrames: disabled
    DiscordUnitFramesOptions: disabled
    GroupCalendar: enabled
    GuildEventManager2: disabled
    KLHThreatMeter: enabled
    Cryolysis: disabled
    tradeDispenser: disabled
    WeaponQuickSwap: disabled
    BGBuddy: disabled
    WL_NextRankPercentage: disabled
    TankAlert: disabled
    TauntBuddy: disabled
    ezSelfCast: disabled
    CombatStats: disabled
    AnzacHoldem: disabled
    ItemSync: disabled
    ItemRack: disabled
    Perl_Target_Target: disabled
    Perl_Player_Buff: disabled
    Enchantrix: disabled
    Informant: disabled
    TotemTimer: enabled
    Perl_Party_Pet: enabled
    Perl_Party_Target: enabled
    Perl_Party: enabled
    Perl_Config: enabled
    Perl_CombatDisplay: enabled
    Perl_ArcaneBar: enabled
    CEnemyCastBar: enabled
    CECB_Options: enabled
    LootHog: disabled
    BeanCounter: disabled
    CT_BottomBar: disabled
    JIM_toolbox: disabled
    DIFM!: disabled
    Earth_Shield_Tracker: disabled
    FuBar-compat-1.2: disabled
    RatingBuster: enabled
    SimpleCombatLog: enabled
    AtlasBattlegrounds: disabled
    AtlasDungeonLocs: disabled
    !BugGrabber: enabled
    XPerl_Tutorial: enabled
    XPerl_Options: enabled
    XPerl_RaidMonitor: disabled
    EzDismount: enabled
    aUF_Banzai: disabled
    BrunildeDecursive: disabled
    ImprovedErrorFrame: disabled
    MetaMapWKB: disabled
    MetaMapZSM: disabled
    InFlight: enabled
    Cartographer_GuildPositions: enabled
    Cartographer_Herbalism: enabled
    Cartographer_Mining: disabled
    CastingBarTimer: disabled
    Acceptance: enabled
    ArenaMaster: disabled
    Cartographer_Coordinates: disabled
    Cartographer_Foglight: enabled
    Cartographer_Waypoints: enabled
    !!!Libs: enabled
    BigWigs_Plugins: enabled
    XRayVision: disabled
    Cartographer: enabled
    AtlasMajorCities: disabled

    Thank you for any help :) Using Deadly Boss mods is quite annoying (the bars that is....the whispers, and such things like that, are why I use it alongside bigwigs).
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