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    posted a message on [idea] Read ID Character Name on Login
    now we just need someone to make it >.>
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    posted a message on [idea] Read ID Character Name on Login
    Simple idea for a very simple addon

    When a Real ID Friend comes on, it tells you what character they are on:

    "John Doe has come online as <Name>"

    Also would be nice if "Real id" as a search term didnt return any thread with real* in it.. and apparently no 'search modifiers' work -- such as quotes... Kinda annoying...
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    posted a message on GemList
    !gem heal

    returns (among the proper gems) Crown of the Sea Witch.. a helm... this should be a bug :-)
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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0
    Hey grey, wanted to throw something at ya..

    Seal of Blood, the Horde paladin special seal.. Currently when you use it your combat log looks something like:

    You hit Soandso for 600
    Your Seal of Blood hits Soandso for 250
    Your Seal of Blood hits you for 25

    In SCT, that extra 25 damage you dealt to yourself gets treated as an 'offensive' damage spell.. meaning the same kind of text you get for hitting your target... but you're hitting yourself..

    whats kinda annoying is that it's also reporting a -25 damage in the 'incoming' damage.. so it's showing on the screen twice..

    The exact string involved is:

    "Your Seal of Blood hits you for" ### " Holy Damage."
    "Your Judgement of blood hits you for " ### " Holy Damage."

    It can not crit yourself (if the offensive attack crits, you still take 10% of the crit's value, but i've not seen this incoming damage 'double up' from a crit)

    would this be something you'd consider throwing into a SCT release later?
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    Great mod.. wish i knew enough of LUA/XML to help...

    But here's a bug report for ya, also put it on the trac under 'ElkBuffBars'

    For ElkBuffBars v36480
    When a charged spell (Such as Redoubt, Reckoning, Holy Shield) expends all charges before the full duration of the buff completes... EBB creates a visual error much like described above were the bar extends well beyond the screen -- In my case, at 100% scale, & ~200 pixel width; this bar stretches over 1360 pixels across (left side of the screen to the right)...

    I tried looking for a Logical error, but I do not know LUA enough to debug this :-/
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    posted a message on Aguf laggy...
    Same story, used the same mods pre and post-2.1 patch... just with newer versions...

    updated all my mods, worked fine for the most part...

    jumped into a BG today, lockup... tried again... lockup.. again.. lockup...

    disabled AG_UF

    joined BG just fine.. joined BG just fine.. and joined BG just fine

    I think i see a pattern ;-) but dont need ag_uf in bg's anyways, thats what grid is for.. still wanted to throw my experience out there though, i'm sure it'll get fixed in due time
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    posted a message on Gemlist request
    bump.. still looking for an 'official' thread or place for gemlist to post in...

    Also, another idea... a way to remove the ability to search by common/rare.. my 'rare' list currently exceeds the maximum amount it's allowed to reply..
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    posted a message on Gemlist request
    I hate to make new threads, but searches revealed no dedicated 'gemlist' thread... and wiki data for it is very... baren...

    anyway, wanted to toss out some requests for future updates to the mod:

    -Remove meta gems from 'rare' requests... you can do Common, and Meta, already, would be nice if rare didnt repost all my meta gems too...
    -add a /gem show command of some kind that outputs what is normally a whisper just to your chat panel...
    -Differenciate between 'spell crit' and 'melee crit' if possible... gems like the talasite one with +crit do not say 'melee crit' so you can just search for 'melee crit' and always get gems like these dual-stat ones as well...

    anyway, just my ideas... the /gem show command being my big hope... currently you have to either whisper yourself.. triggering the 'spam delay', and for those with outgoing whispers shown, creates 2 lines per gem cut.. or you have to whisper Sa?m??on?, ?tsa, or whatever long, special character, or otherwise annoying name to try and show them your gemlist by /gem send... and as a good businessman i try not to spam them with my 2-3 queries returning 20 gems to them by whisper, not all of which might be what they are looking for...

    thanks for your time, hope this finds the right person.. or people..
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    posted a message on Capping and InFlight - Official Thread
    I messed around with this a while back, and I found these obstacles:

    1. Different graveyards do not share the same res timer
    2. Time between resses are lagged and inconsistent (will be unreliable and become even more off if it's not refreshed often)
    3. Too many graveyards and graveyard control changes a lot, so you won't have a timer half the time (so why bother?)

    Only place feasible for a res timer is WSG, but it still suffers problem #2.

    Is it possible to make the mod communicate with itself when raid members are using it?

    My guild runs battlegrounds as a group... was the founding principle of the guild 2 years ago.. most of us run BG mods, having a good mod that has the option of updating its timers from other players running the addon would be nice
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    posted a message on Request: BG Timer mod
    perfect! guess i was just using the wrong search terms :-)
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    posted a message on Request: BG Timer mod
    My guildies are using TitanBG or La Vandetta for timers right now, I've been looking, but cant seem to find an Ace'd timer mod for BG's...

    anyone know of any ?
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    posted a message on IceHUD
    hey ice..

    just switched to icehud from archud..

    only 2 things i have to say, aside form the fact it's friggin awsome..

    1- I recommend moving the pet bar's up, say, 10-15 pixles, and putting the text under the bar.. I'm a fan of the "Me-left, you-right" bar setup, so my pet hp and mana bar are on the left side, causing an overlap issue on the text for both.. moving bars up 10 pixles while keeping the text where it is should solve this issue (pet energy/mana text overlaps pet hp bar)
    2- Can you put in some options for target buffs/debuffs? I even tried using visor to move the frames and was getting invalid UI frames trying to 'grab' the buff frame through VisorGUI.. you cant switch sides for buffs/debuffs, you cant move em, or hide em, period :-P would like a few options for it, or make it visor-able... though I like the fact ice requires no visor modification to look wonderful..

    great work mate..

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    posted a message on missing files in !!!Libraries?
    it seems the new server doesn't allow externals... so !!!Libraries is useless, unless you manually grab every library listed and throw the files in the proper location for the addon to find it..

    and even then it screws up :-P so..

    the whole lacking of externals is really crappy, i updated my svn and now i cant use most the addons as the libraries cant be found, even when i installed the library seperately/manually, for some reason the addon wants its embeded version? maybe? I'd install gratuity 2.0 and archud would still complain it cant find it, for example...
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    posted a message on New to Ace'd Addons...
    So yeah, started Ace'in myself yesterday, after 6 hours of playing with UI's i finally set thigns up the way i like it...

    To find out Otravi_castingbar doesn't save position or bar information on a per-character basis :-(

    There an easy way to add support for variable positions? I'm fairly new to lua & Wow's API, but do have basic programming experience -- I can usually look at two pieces of code and hack it together..

    In this case though, I dont know what Function to look for, or what the variables would be like :-/

    Thanks in advance for any help, Will be back after my lunch break to check in and start hacking :-P

    (If all else fails, whats a good Castingbar replacement that can save per-character?)

    Thanks again :-)
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