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    Using my unitframes addon to get rid of the cast bar worked perfectly. Thank you for the excellent suggestion, it is much appreciated!
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    I've been using Bartender3 for a few days now, and so far I really like it. I do have one question though. I did a text search and didn't find an answer, so I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere in this thread.

    I cannot find a way to hide Blizzard's default cast bar, is there a way to do this? I don't see an option to hide it, so I am wondering if I am just missing it, or if I'm using another addon that is causing it to show up.

    If it's not an addon conflict, and Bartender3 doesn't have the ability to hide it, is there another way to get rid of it?

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    I was changing around my addons, and decided to switch from Trinity to Bartender3. There seems to be a conflict between Bartender3 and simpleminimap. This error is re-createable every time.

    I shift-click Bartender3 on FuBar to make the bars movable. Right click on the PetBar to bring up the options for it, and go to styles. As soon as the sub-menu pops up, I get the following error. And once the error happens, I can still switch between the three styles, but the radio button to show which one is selected does not show up.

    I also tried switching out simpleminimap for RicoMiniMap, and the exact same error happens.

    It's probably not a game-breaking issue, because one does not change the style on the PetBar very often, I would imagine. But it is there, and repeatable, so I thought I'd report on it.

    Date: 2007-06-22 19:53:18
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Bartender3\Options.lua line 251:
    attempt to index local 'table' (a nil value)
    ...ddOns\simpleMinimap\libs\Dewdrop-2.0\Dewdrop-2.0.lua:1617: FeedAceOptionsTable()
    Auctioneer, v4.0.2
    Bartender3, v3.1 r41263
    CTMailMod, v2.0 (CTMod 2.0)
    Enchantrix, v4.0.2.1910
    EnchantrixBarker, v3.9.0.1560 (Wallaby)
    EnhTooltip, v4.0.2
    FuBarAmmoFu, v2.0
    FuBarBagFu, v2.0
    FuBarClockFu, v2.0
    FuBarDurabilityFu, v2.0
    FuBarExperienceFu, v1.1 $Revision: 36333 $
    FuBarItemBonusesFu, v2.1
    FuBarKungFu, v2.0
    FuBarLocationFu, v2.0
    FuBarMailFu, v2.0
    FuBarMoneyFu, v20000-1
    FuBarQuestsFu, v2.0
    FuBar, v33424
    Informant, v4.0.2
    MapReveal, v6.0.0
    MetaMap, v20100-1
    Prat, v2.0 37732
    simpleMinimap, v20100-6
    Stubby, v1508
    SunnArt, v2.10
    Swatter, v4.0.2
    XPerl, v2.2.4

    edit: I left something out.
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