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    posted a message on WitchHunt 3.0 for 2.4
    This is a feature request. Have you considered adding filtering (other than target-only) to WitchHunt? I know that for myself, and many of the people I play with, there are certain spells I absolutely want to be notified about in pvp (Resurrection in arenas, for example), but that doesn't mean I want my screen spammed with every single thing any hostile casts/gains.

    The ability to filter for only a list of relevant spells is so important to me that I figured out how to hack an old version of spellalertSCT to do it, even though I have never programmed before and can't write code to save my life, but now I'm dependent on this outdated mod because I don't want to figure out how to hack a new one. I would be so happy if I could switch to WitchHunt, but it doesn't do what I need it to. And I'd like to be able to point my friends to WitchHunt when they ask for a mod that does this, which does happen from time to time, rather than giving them my own jury-rigged outdated mod that no one maintains (again, I learned only just barely enough lua to hack it, and most of that I've forgotten).

    Ideally, it would be possible to filter for any combination of:
    --Spells cast/buffs gained by target
    --A whitelist of spells cast/buffs gained
    --An ignore list of spells cast/buffs gained
    --Only spells cast
    --Only buffs gained

    So, for example, as a rogue, I could choose to see anything my target casts/gains, except spells on my ignore list, and not see anything cast or gained by non-targetted hostiles, except spells on my whitelist. My healing priest friend who only cares about dispelling stuff like BoP or freedom could choose to only see when any hostile gains a buff on his whitelist. My pally friend could see to duck out of los when someone starts to cast Mana Burn, without having his screen so full of "Snowballz casts Frostbolt" all the time that he stops paying attention to the alerts. To make this really awesome, you could let us choose to color alerts differently per spell and/or per target.

    I know this is doable, and I know people want it... please?

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    posted a message on CastYeller - announces to your party/raid important spells you cast.
    Great mod! It would be cool if you could add Blind to the Rogue file so I don't have to change it by hand every time I update.
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    posted a message on Pitbull: coloring frames based on one debuff type but not all
    I don't think there's a way to do this, but I want it too.
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    Quote from GokieKS »

    Love Grid, it's by far my favorite way of showing raid frames now, but there's one thing I'd like to request: the ability to hide Grid when in a 5-man raid, for arenas (basically what PitBull does, which is to show the party frames but not raid frames for 5-man raids, but the opposite). I like my party frames to be hidden when in 5+ man raids, but really want to keep it so I can more easily see my party's health/mana/buffs/etc as well as their pets.

    Seconded, I'd like to be able to hide Grid in raids of five or fewer.
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    Quote from Jakobud »

    This is a great mod. Very well done :)

    I have a small unique request for CowTip. I would be interested in an option to hide the tooltip when you mouseover a unit that you are currently targeting while you are in combat.

    I would also like this option.
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