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    I've had this issue with mini chat and or pratt for a while and I can't seem to figure out the cause or a solution.

    I have 4 chat tabs, General, Tells, Guild, Combat Log.

    They auto max and auto min just fine, untill I click on another tab, like Tells. Then the Tells window wont auto min or auto max. It just stays where it was last time I checked, so if it was maxed and I move to the general tab then it auto mins, the Tells tab will still be up there in the Max position.

    Now I do know if I uncheck the blizzard option of "Lock Chat settings" all tabs will auto min and auto max just fine, but I get that annoying highlighted window effect when my mouse goes over the chat window.

    Any one know a way to get all my tabs to go up and down correctly and prevent mouse focus on chat windows at the same time?
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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0
    This problem is most likely unique to me, but when I type /sct menu, I get a kick back in the chat log of:

    SCT: Error Loading SCT Options, It may be disabled. Error: MISSING.

    Same with SCTD, both work fine, just can't change any options >_>. Any suggestions? I'm pretty attached to my UI and would have to scrap the entire setup and rebuild it to fix this.
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