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    Quote from megalobrainiac »

    I am currently having a problem with the "Add Untracked" option. No matter what I do that setting is never saved once I log off, it is always unchecked whenever I log back into the game.

    Yep having the same issue. Disabled all my other addons, reset my BEQL profile and disabled the tracker and still isn't saving my options for "Add Untracked".
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    Quote from Xaith »


    I'd like to see this feature, too. :)
    Quote from EPRock »

    Quote from bloodstrike »

    For those of you getting the QuestLogTitleButton_OnClick error, Try commenting out lines 382-384 of questlog.lua:

    if IsAddOnLoaded("Lightheaded") then
    		LightHeaded:QuestLogTitleButton_OnClick(frame, button)

    by putting -- infront of each of those lines. Seems to clear up my errors completely.

    Although, since bEQL handles linking quest names into chat differently than blizz does now, you can't link quests in chat like the default quest log (it'll just link the name as text - it won't be a clickable link). If anybody knows how to do this or can point me in the direction of a mod that does this successfully, i might be able to figure it out.

    edit: This just in, found out how to fix it so that you can link quests like everybody else!!! in questlog.lua again, comment out line 355:

    ChatFrameEditBox:Insert(gsub(this:GetText(), " *(.*)", "%1"))

    and insert a new line right after it with this:


    Working like a charm for me! And since I actually have no idea how to do anything involving actually updating mods... if somebody could test these out and commit the changes i'm sure people would be happy.

    You can link quests as it is with the simple fix found on page 10.
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    I'm excited to get to play around with the upcoming release(es)

    Heh, I noticed problems with it, reinstalled from a safe version and ticked 'ignore' in WAU till the release here is stable.

    If only everyone could read they woulda just done that :P

    Thanks for a great addon Thrae!
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    I'm having a similar problem on my Mac; not being able to view any boss loot outdoor or instance-wise.

    ...tographer\Cartographer_InstanceLoot\InstanceLoot.lua:458: attempt to index field 'InstanceLoot' (a nil value)

    I have the 3.1 PTL updated as well. Tried reinstalling Cartographer and still nothing.

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    posted a message on Combuctor: All in one, filterable displays for your inventory and bank
    Looks pretty interesting and considering I can't really play without your other addons I'm going to def give this one a go :D
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    Quote from Renew »

    Has anyone come across a fix for this?

    While I'm using the older version as a quick fix, its a pain to have to remember to uncheck it being updated on WAU.

    So a fix for the current version would be much appreciated :D
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    This looks to be a very promising addon to replace my current totem Call of Elements. I like its clean cut display and it just seems to run smoothly.

    I think it was already requested but I wanted to voice my agreement in being able to have the windows open at all times without the "flex" bar style.

    I really am looking forward to this addon :D Thanks!
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    Quote from Boydon »

    Quote from da_hool »

    Unable to target?

    It's been brought up a few times in the thread, but I haven't seen any response. Some people are having problems targeting certain boxes in Grid. For me, it happens quite frequently. All of a sudden I won't be able to select a target in Grid and have to relog to fix it. I don't know what's causing it, nor can I replicate it on demand. One of my guildies has also noticed the problem.

    Does anyone know what's causing this?

    This is happening to me too.

    Yes, it seems very random and I can't replicate it either =(

    I can mouseover the name just fine but when clicking the box certain targets won't target. It seems to be limited to one person in the raid at a particular point in time, I haven't encountered more than one person at the same time being unable to be targeted, although who cannot be targeted changes over time.
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