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    I miss the dropdown menus, this new configuration window reminds me of discord. :(
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    Quote from ckknight »

    Hey beautiful people, ckknight here.

    I know some of you may think I'm ignoring you, and that's just not true, I've just been very busy recently.

    One thing I have set up to allow for a more streamlined communication between me and all you is with Jira, a project management system.

    If you want to submit bugs/features, feel free to do so at http://jira.wowace.com/browse/COW

    I've just been so busy with my big new project, Rock, that I lose sight of all the people I love (that means you).

    Hugs right back atcha, ckknight!

    Any clues as to what "Rock" actually is?
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    Quote from Evil Elvis »

    Ok, the new version will be out early next week. I consider it a 2.0 version of this addon. I've finished all the major stuff, I just have a few small things I want to go over. When I've pushed the changes to the SVN, I'll make a post outlining all the new changes.

    I've added a warning message to the current version warning about the upcoming incompatibility. Don't upgrade if you don't want to redo your layout.

    Most excellent news. :) Any chance you could hint at what the update will involve? :p
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    Ok, just for clarification:

    My entire guild uses Sw Stats, can I get rid of SWS and violation will show up as SWS in the version query, and violation sends and recieves data from Sw Stats?
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    Would it be possible to implement cooldown timers for paladins and divine intervention?
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