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    posted a message on Show minimap while tracking
    I hacked up a small addon for this.

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    posted a message on TrackMap
    A simple addon that hides/shows the minimap depending on if tracking is enabled or not.

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    posted a message on Sprocket
    Just noticed another thing when putting something from by bags in the menu.

    If I have 2 stacks of potions and put it in the menu it only counts one of the stacks.
    It would also be nice to be able to disable the number in the menu, it sometimes makes it hard to see what icon is beneath the number :)
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    posted a message on Sprocket
    A couple of suggestions:
    - Prevent the circle from moving out of the visible screen area
    - LoD config
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    posted a message on oRA2
    - MainTank frames, currently only 1 style is implemented and options are limited, but work is being done on a better styling system. Patience adviced. Clique plugin needs to be written!

    Page 1...

    Don't worry, most if not all options from oRA_MainTankFrames will be added to oRA2 in due time.
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    nice, I just thought of something else. Tracking paladin buffs would be nice to, since each of the have two versions (5m and 15m duration), I assume it needs to be added in the code.

    Blessing of Kings
    Greater Blessing of Kings

    Blessing of Light
    Greater Blessing of Light

    Blessing of Might
    Greater Blessing of Might

    Blessing of Salvation
    Greater Blessing of Salvation

    Blessing of Sanctuary
    Greater Blessing of Sanctuary

    Blessing of Wisdom
    Greater Blessing of Wisdom
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    I have some problems with 1.11.3 r8059

    When creating a new blank bar I get this error
    XRS_BarClass.lua:484:attempt to index field 'blankcolor' (a nil value)

    After a reload the bar is there and configurable.

    The profiles doesn't seem to work correctly, when saving a profile not all options are saved (groups, blank bar colors etc)

    Also it would be nice with an option on the buff icons to show how many have the buff not only how many are missing, would be useful for stuff like Soulstone etc.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from tekkub »

    What chat event is the missed notice come across on? This module has been so delayed because I've had a hard time collecting all the event strings I need to detect. People keep pointing me at SimpleTranqShot, but the code in that mod's so scatterbrained I can't pin down teh exact event-string pairs. He just checks all the stings for "tranq" and then tests all the match strings... it's quite wasteful really...

    Yeah, SimpleTranqShot kinda inspired me to write my own ;)

    Here are all regexps and events I use:
    SELF_CAST = "^You cast Tranquilizing Shot on (.+).$",
    SELF_MISS = "^Your Tranquilizing Shot missed (.+).$",
    SELF_FAIL = "^You fail to dispel (.+)'s Frenzy.$",
    PLAYER_CAST = "^(.+) casts Tranquilizing Shot on .+.$",
    PLAYER_MISS = "^(.+)'s Tranquilizing Shot missed .+.$",
    PLAYER_FAIL = "^(.+) fails to dispel .+'s Frenzy.$",
    MONSTER_FRENZY = "^goes into a [killing ]*frenzy!",

    I'm not 100% sure right now which event that belongs to what combat log entry though, but that shouldn't be to hard to figure out :)

    Anyway, as for the cooldown, yea those should go into the mob's individual modules, but I got no complains about them being added in. Heck, a "Frensied" timer that goes away when the tranq lands might be a good idea too. Do all the mob's frenzies last the same time if not tranq'd? If so I could add that into the tranq module instead of the boss modules.

    I believe once a mob frenzies it will not stop until tranqed so a timer for the frenzied state would be kinda pointless.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    A few suggestions for the newly added Tranq module. Maybe they are already in the works :)

    The following should be added to catch when you miss the shot (miss and fail are different things)
    "^Your Tranquilizing Shot missed (.+).$"

    It would also be really nice with a CandyBar showing the mobs Frenzy cooldown, I have suggested this before and people have claimed it is completely random but that's not the case. Mobs have a cooldown on the ability just like any other spell, some mobs choose not to use it the instant that the cooldown is up (Princess Huhuran for example) but most do.

    Right now my guild is using a mod I wrote for this purpose and it's extremely nice to have on fights like Chromaggus where you can time the tranq based on the breath timers etc.

    Tracking the following emote and triggering a cooldown bar when it appears works nicely.
    ^goes into a [killing ]*frenzy!

    Here is a list of cooldown lenghts for different mobs:
    15s = Magmadar, Chromaggus
    10s = Flamegor, Princess Huhuran, Gluth

    It would also be nice to be able to announce to a chat channel.

    That's about it :P
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    Quote from Saroz »

    There is no way to get the status of peoples cooldown, or them being AFK, using only blizzard's functions, and I can't hook in to oRA either, to get these data (cause oRA doesnÂ’t have an API to fetch these data)

    Check out the table oRA_Core.RosterInfo.
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    posted a message on Improved Raid Warning Frame
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Quote from Moonsorrow »

    could you upload your saved var so I can check if there is something wrong with it?

    Bars shouldn't change their color if you move them (and never had in my case)

    About the tooltip: You mean the Description of the lines in dewdrop? I have no control over them ...

    Here it comes..
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Tried it again with XRS as the only addon loaded and got the same result. The menu doesnt hide but if i click it away and try to right-click it again it doesn't always work, sometimes it's not the bar that is moved that stops working but the one it changed places with. Also when moving a bar the background color is changed as well (attaching 2 pictures that shows it, xrs-before/after-move.png). I moved the Tanks bar down, which made the Healers bar not work on right-click, if I moved the Tanks bar back they both work again.

    Regarding the text issues I attached 2 more pictures that shows how it looks after a reload and how it looks after i went into the menu and changed any option that causes a bar text update.

    Another minor thing is that the tooltip get stuck behind the dewdrop menu, it makes it kinda har to read :)
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    About the right-click thingy after moving a frame, it still doesn't work for me.

    - Right-click bar
    - Select Move Up
    - Right-click the bar i just moved
    - Nothing happens
    - Right-click another bar i didn't move
    - Menu pops up

    The other stuff seems to work now, just did a quick test, will try it some more later.
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Yeah that would work I think, could be nice with an option for bar height as well, atleast on the spacer.

    I noticed some other stuff that isn't working as it should.

    1. Classes are not saved correctly, if I set up a bar with Alive Warriors and then reload my interface some other classes are checked as well.
    2. When moving a bar up or down the right click menu doesnt work on the bar moved
    3. Save profile doesn't seem to work
    4. Fonts are not correct after a load, need to click something that updates the bar to fix it.
    5. The mana bar type should not include Rage, Energy etc (check with UnitPowerType()). Druid's shapeshifting will screw up the bar otherwise :)
    6. If someone goes offline and the comes online again, the alive counter is not updated.

    That's all for now ;)
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