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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Quote from Shabador »

    I have a wish btw. Would it be possible to configure Pitbull_Aura to filter my own spesific list of buffs/debuffs? As a rogue and officer it's nice to see if mobs got sunder/CoR/fairy fire/etc on, but hard to see when you got 29 other debuffs on the mob.

    I did it manually by editing the lua, but a gui for configuring and getting it saved in a savedvariable would be nifty.

    This is already there in the global config for Auras.
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    Quote from Razumikhin »

    For some reason, I can't change the font of my combat text (i.e., the numerical text that appears over bars when damage is taken or healing is received). When I go into options for this text, there is a pulldown list with many font choices, but when I click on any of the fonts it won't change from the default Fritz Quadrata TT. Thanks.

    Because combat text is a special Blizzard thing, updating this font won't have an effect until the frames are re-created. Try changing the font and then reloading your UI.
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    Just wanted to note that I've converted all of my frames over to using the additional locations provided by the patch I posted above, and it works perfectly and does exactly what I want. I'm not sure why the constraint is in there, but I imagine it's based on the assumption that "bars" (except special secret sauce "bars" like the portrait) are always very narrow in at least one dimension, which is absolutely not the case any more with vertical bars. With a setup that puts health horizontally and power vertically, using topleft and and bottomleft for two lines of text in the health bar is pretty much perfect.

    I'll hope that this change gets made to PitBull, and if not, well, it's an easy enough thing for me to patch by hand after upgrading. :)
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Quote from Ellipsis »

    See http://jira.wowace.com/browse/PB-307 - you may wish to add a comment describing exactly what you'd like to see added.

    Alternatively, I have an implementation, which is pretty trivial. It looks like the only thing preventing "normal" bars from allowing all of -topleft and friends is that they are not put into basePositionvalidate with these options in MetaLayout:CreateBarHandler. Frames which are "squareOnSide" (such as portraits) do have these options included.

    Is there any reason not to simply remove this difference between squareOnSide and non-squareOnSide bars?

    The only thing I could think of would be that it might make sense to make -topleft, -top, and -topright have the same relationships that -left, -center, and -right have in terms of constraining each others' sizes. I could also look at doing that. That might be a good thing, or it might be a bad thing.

    Hold that thought. I just checked the code, and it already does that, too.

    As for a patch to put this change in place: I do not have svn access, but the following code snippet shows the changes required at the very end of PitBull_MetaLayout.lua I have left the lines to be removed in, but commented out.

    function MetaLayout:CreateBarHandler(key, name, smallName, squareOnSide)
    	MetaLayout.positions[key] = barPosition_func
    	barList[key] = true
    	if squareOnSide then
    		squareOnSide_bars[key] = true
    	barNameToLocal[key] = name
    	MetaLayout.options[key] = barOptions(key, squareOnSide)
    --	if squareOnSide then
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-left"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Left"])
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-center"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Middle"])
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-right"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Right"])
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-top"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Top"])
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-bottom"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Bottom"])
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-topleft"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Top-left"])
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-bottomleft"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Bottom-left"])
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-topright"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Top-right"])
    	basePositionValidate[key .. "-bottomright"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Bottom-right"])
    -- 	else
    -- 		basePositionValidate[key .. "-left"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Left"])
    -- 		basePositionValidate[key .. "-center"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Middle"])
    -- 		basePositionValidate[key .. "-right"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Right"])
    -- 		basePositionValidate[key .. "-outright"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Outside, Right"])
    -- 		basePositionValidate[key .. "-outleft"] = ("%s/%s"):format(smallName, L["Outside, Left"])
    --	end
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    Apologies if this has been asked before, but: Would it be possible to expand the set of anchor positions for text in bars? At the moment, I'm working on a layout like the following:

    | |   |HP       MP| |
    |A| B |    C    |D|
    | |   |Name_____________| |

    Where 'A' is the casting bar (vertical with cast text positioned above or to the outside of the frame), 'B' is the portrait, 'C' is the health bar (horizontal), 'D' is the power bar (vertical), and the area labeled 'xp' is a very small rep/xp bar (horizontal.)

    The trouble is that positioning HP, MP, Name, and any other text, really, in the 'C' area is difficult. I'd like to position these as inside-upper-left, inside-upper-right, and inside-lower-right on the health bar, but instead I have to position them in the frame and then include many spaces in the custom text to position them correctly. As an added bonus, this spacing becomes wrong if I change resolutions (by switching between windowed mode and full-screen mode, for example), and they don't match exactly because the font size for Name is large and the font sizes for HP and MP are small.

    So, I'm left wondering if it would be possible to have "top", "middle", and "bottom" sections of each bar vertically for text positioning, in addition to having the left/center/right distinction.

    An alternative possibility would be to allow each frame-positioned text to have an x-offset and a y-offset from the anchor, so I could position by some means other than inserting spaces. (In a way, this might be better, since it would also allow a variety of other effects besides the one I'm describing.) The down side to this latter is that there might be weirdness with the way stuff interacts when you put icons and texts on the same anchor of something.

    Any thoughts?
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    posted a message on Omen2
    Had an issue last night with threat not being reset at appropriate times. The boss in question does not despawn after the fight, which made me wonder if all of the "other" peoples threat hadn't been reset because they died earlier in the fight and the mob's GUID didn't change. Confusing.

    Also of note was the lack of proper resetting of threat at phase changes during the Supremus fight. (Which actually leads to an interesting feature idea: should it be possible for Threat to report a mob as "ignores threat" at times?)
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    posted a message on PitBull - Range Checker & Dogtag Help
    Doesn't RangeCheck rely on player abilities to produce the range estimate? If the user is playing a class that has no abilities of the appropriate range, it's not going to work. I believe the default distance is the interact distance for inspecting, since everybody can do that.
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    posted a message on ClearFont and ClearFont2 - Official thread
    Quote from Seerah »

    Hmm... I don't know, Phanx. CF2 fonts are registered with SharedMedia, but it's not working the other way around for me.

    Could it be because you use LibSharedMedia-2.0? ClearFont2 has an optdep for SharedMediaLib, which would mean that it's loaded first, but not for LibSharedMedia-2.0, which would mean that LSM-2.0 is loaded after CF2 (even though it emulates SML.)
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    Hmm. It occurred to me that an easy way to use EBB's bars as "warning" bars for refreshing buffs or debuffs would be if it were possible to filter a bar based on the current time remaining, rather than the max duration. Actually, I thought you could do that, and was like "Oh! Oh!" and went to try it, but was crushed when I discovered it wasn't possible. :)

    Would it be possible to add this? Not necessary to add different times for different buffs/debuffs, since you can use multiple groups stacked for that kind of behavior. This way, I could have in addition to my normal groups two groups near the center of the screen: one for any self-buffs that are expiring (Battle Shout, Commanding Shout, Last Stand, Shield Wall, probably), and one for any target debuffs that are expiring (Sunder Armor, Demoralizing Shout, Thunderclap, etc.) The centered bars would be configured to only show if less than 10s are remaining, say, and would display at 150% scale or the like.

    Anyway?if it would be possible to add functionality to support this, that would be *fabulous*. If not, I'll make do. :)
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    posted a message on DrDamage - Official Thread
    Just started using DrDamage again, and I noticed that it doesn't account for the rage discount received on Devastate by warriors with Improved Sunder Armor. Adding this line to self.talentInfo in Warrior.lua seems to fix the problem:

            ["Improved Sunder Armor"] = {      [1] = { Effect = 1, Spells = "Devastate", ModType = "PowerCost" }, },

    It also occurred to me that it would be nice if it were possible to set the expected number of targets for abilities like Whirlwind and Thunder Clap, which can hit multiple enemies. Currently, these two abilities assume four targets (the max possible) for damage, but WW is frequently used on single enemies as an instant attack. Having the option to set the maximum number of enemies to include in the calculation would simplify comparing the efficiency of abilities in this situation.
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    posted a message on DrDamage - Official Thread
    Is there any reason DrDamage doesn?t factor Block Value into the damage shown for Shield Slam? Is it very difficult to discover the character's current total Block Value, or is it just that nobody has put the work in to do this yet?
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    posted a message on SanityBags -beta-
    Hmm. Do inversions not work with periodic table items? For example:

    pt:Consumable.Food.Edible <= works
    pt:Consumable.Food.Buff <= works
    pt:Consumable.Food.Edible pt:!Consumable.Food.Buff <= doesn't work

    It would be very nice to be able to do this, for reasons like the above. (I want to have all of my food for hp recovery sorted out from my food for buffing.)
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    posted a message on Lag using cartographer
    I will verify that I?ve been seeing this as well (and would believe that it has to do with note sharing.) I do not use a dialup line, and I?m not sure that this is responsible for the bad lag I?ve been getting in game?but I certainly see the same sort of spikes, and I?m getting periodic bad performance in-game as well.

    I?ll probably spend some time testing soon to see what exactly is slowing things down (assuming it?s not just the Internet being bad to me.)
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    Your ToT may be tiny, my ToT is as big as my player frame and my target frame. (But I wouldn't want to include a portrait on any of them.)
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    posted a message on recent bad fps in raids
    Actually, I stopped using KTM because it was wrong (just among the people running it, mind, I'm not complaining that it couldn't track people not running it) and lead me to perform poorly more often than it was correct and helpful. Probably it has improved since then, but I came to the conclusion after a bit of thought that this is the "too much automation" level for my class.

    Since then, I stick with using addons that do things the default UI does, only better. If I had to turn off all of my addons tomorrow, I would still be able to perform just as well as I can today--it just wouldn't be as pretty or convenient. But there's absolutely no information I depend on to do my job in raids or smaller groups that wouldn't be there.
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