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    could you please make pitbull running?? i tried using this addon since several months now but every time i load a new version a new error shows up. not one stable version for months? what are you doing there? i like your addon and the great possibilities to configure every pixel of the frames, but isn't it most important that you addon just WORKS??
    well... it works if i deactivate all my other addons... but sorry to say, i will resign on pitbull to use my other addons. i don't think addons in this stadium should be released. this is not even beta.

    pleeease... MAKE IT WORK!

    (btw. the addons which will cause conflicts are ACE-addons, like cartographer. if i activate both pitbull and cartograpger, i can't configure pitbull "LibRockConfig-1.0: Bad return from function "args" for 'Pitbull'. Expected "table", got "string" ("@cache"). )

    PS i'm not best in english, not my native language...
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