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    Quote from spatz »

    Can someone please tell me, which addon the little frame next to the target frame is? I think it shows the debuffs on the target in textform, am i right?

    I think it's Demon
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    Quote from Nekzar »

    "No addons found on wowace.com, check internet connection or that wowace isn't offline atm."
    I get this message as soon as I run the updater when it starts scanning and also if I try to rescan.
    Currently my addons folder is empty besides the blizzard ones. And adding an addon to the folder doesn't make it show in the updater either -so basically this thingy doesn't work in any way it should atm. - for me

    I can see no addons on the "install new addons"
    I did try to change timeout to 30 - doesn't work.
    I do have perfect connection to www.files.wowace.com - I have no problems downloading from this site at all.

    Before I used WAU. I wanted to try out JWU because my WAU suddenly stopped working.(and because I can get the few addons from curse in this updater so I only need to use 1 and not 2 updaters) As a matter of fact I think the error message was something about the same as the one I have now. That it can't connect to wowace.com ..

    soo, what's wrong?

    Perhaps bad proxy settings ?
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    I'm in love with this addon. So useful, and easy to handle. Thank you !
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    Checking versions can help you to see who is using Omen in the raid.


    Next time please use search function before being agressive.
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    Great work. Using this mod is a pleasure IG.

    Many thanks from France.
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