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    Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

    First I'd like to apologize if this is the improper forum for this post. Feel free to flog as necessary. With that out of the way, my problem:

    I downloaded the latest beta of FuBar today so that I could rework my FuBar/Ace addon to use the Rock framework for the eventual release of Fubar3.

    In my current version, I use Tablet for the tooltips, and would like to continue to do so for my Rock version of my addon.

    So here's my problem (Surely caused by a severe case of ignorance): I can't seem to get Tablet to load. What I have in my LUA file:

    local tablet = AceLibrary("Tablet-2.0")

    and then a bit down:

    PotencyFu:SetFuBarOption('tooltipType', "Tablet-2.0")

    This line causes the error, stating that I cannot use Tablet if I do not have Tablet loaded (I am including Tablet in my TOC, same as I did in my old version (Which works)).

    If I set my addon to use the GameTooltip (or whatever it was called; cannot recall off the top of my head) the tooltips work fine.

    Also, if I load ClockFu3 (Which uses Rock and Tablet), my addon's tablet tooltips work. This leads me to believe I'm missing something very simple , but I cannot seem to figure it out (I'm no established LUA coder).

    If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc, I'd love to hear them.
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