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    Hello mates,

    gz for this addon (I have been using it so far and I plan to continue doing).

    I would like to do a request (if it is not already present in your TODO list).

    Is there a chance to get a "Resist" overview? I would like to check diferent gears and having a idea of how much mobs are resisting my spells could be amazing (same usefull on melee/hunter hits I guess).

    From my point of view, HIT information could be so far more usefull than CRIT (for example), anywya all have a use :)

    Thx again for this addon,

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    posted a message on How Ace2 libs works
    Thank you very much :)

    I will continue changing all my addons to versions based on Ace2 as I was doing yet (if available).

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    Good afternoon mates,

    first at all .. as usual u have read here ... "I am not a english expert" so, sorry me needing to post here to do this question (since I havent got a clear reply from documentation section).

    I would like to know how Ace libs works. It's:

    - I have installed the Ace2 lib pack addon, it's the directory with the libraries only (path_wow/Interface/Addons/Ace2/...).
    - I have installed some Ace2 addons which have a lib/ directory inside (most of those libs are on the Ace2 directory too) (path_wow/Interface/Addons/_addon_/lib/...).

    The questions:

    a) Are the Ace2 libs/directories being used mainly over any other local version placed in a addon directory or only in those Ace2 addons which dont have any lib in their own directories?
    b) How does it works when I have a newer version of a Ace2 lib in the .../addon/Ace2/... pack vs those local versions that you can find inside those "standalone" addons directories? loading both versions? newer? And if I dont have the Ace2 lib pack installed and 2 addons use the same lib (having both addons a local copy of that lib in their directories) which is loaded is you have 2 diferent versions?

    The main question is... have sense that I download and install the Ace2 lib pack? since all addons are placing their necesary Ace-libs inside their own directories it doesnt like necesary (leaving apart those which requier the Ace2 becuase those dont place any lib inside their directories).

    I am really sorry about my english.

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