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    Quote from Gandharva »

    Sounds very good. Some pics would be nice.

    There are some on his website, http://dkpmon.googlepages.com. They are under the sections that describe how to use DKPmon and Bidder.

    Anyways, thanks Eraslin for the mod! Works great so far.
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    Sorry if this has been answered before, I glanced through the thread but I couldn't find anything (it's so long!).

    Anyways, I really enjoy the InstanceLoot functionality, though it oddly doesn't seem to work for a few zones (Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs, Gnomeregan - maybe more, haven't been able to test all yet). Essentially, the notes are there on the map, but when you click on them it doesn't bring up the sidebar with the loot list. Again, most work, but strangely a few do not. A friend tried it and got identical results.

    Is this an issue with the PeriodicTable or Cartographer? Or maybe something we're doing wrong?

    Otherwise, thanks for the excellent AddOn!
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    Quote from scratchy »

    Quote from Jackson »

    oCD is not showing cooldowns when using Bartender3 and hidden bars.

    If I show the bars with the spells I'm using, everything works fine, but if I hide them again, I don't get to see anything.


    plz fix :<

    Though I am in the same boat, and eagerly hoping such a fix is done, it could be awhile if the author decides to do it at all. From what I understand, the current way it works is to hook the cooldown display on the bars themself, and of course if the bars are hidden, it can't detect the cooldown. So, it would (I think) take a complete rewrite.

    Anyways, he may not even want to change the way the mod works, not sure, but in the meantime, a decent solution is to fill a bar or two up with the cooldowns you'd like displayed, then shrink those bars to the smallest scale (10% I think with Bartender 3 - it's *really* small) and set the alpha to the lowest as well. Then shove them in a corner of your screen. That way, they are essentially hidden, and oCD will still catch the cooldowns.
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