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    I recently installed CraftList2 to replace my other tradeskill query addons, and noticed the r47751 cause excessive lag in all actions especially looting of mobs. I addition my total memory usage jumped by almost 30KiB. After reverting to the r47383 version everything seems to be working fine and my total memory is back down to the normal 80ish KiB. Not quite sure what caused it.

    Was the bugfix in r47762 possibly a fix for that issue?
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    Haven't read the whole thing, but it would be nice to have skin support for the editbox like in Confab. I actaully use no skin at all because I prefer a borderless box :) but would be nice all the same.
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    Didn't want to edit the other reply since this is POST playing with it.

    It may seem odd, but I'd really like the option to choose:
    1) Loading the default tradeskill windows then clicking from there to open the Manufac list
    2) Current default that replaces the tradeskill window altogether

    Would also be nice if we could provide an offset to the anchor positions you have. I like using TopRight but it runs up against my tooltips for other things a bit too much. That and the offset would give a bit more flexibility location wise.

    All and all, very nice addon!
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    Still at work but ran into this and I'll have to give it a go this evening.

    Items of note:
    1) How do you think you'd like to access the '10, 20, 50' options -- would a text entry field be preferable, or some kind of dropdown list?

    - 1, 5, 10 are pretty good for a drop-down; I'd personally prefer an input box to enter the total I need.

    2) For examples of the Queue system (if you wanted some): http://www.fizzwidget.com/autocraft/
    I really like his setup for that, it's some good greaseworks. It doesn't auto-run anymore since Blizzard axed that :P but does give you a list of items you have queued in the form of icons along the bottom the screen, and then you can click icon to cancel or create to run the next icon in the list. The only other thing it does is accounts for items in the queue when deciding if you can craft an item or not.
    Raw Mats: 10 copper bars
    Powder: 2 bars per
    Bombs: 3 bars per

    Queue 4 Powder (8 bars)...
    Tradeskill window shows

    Either way hope it helps, btw I'm in IT so I tend to give too much detail trying to explain :x.
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