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    It's a safe bet that too much of the code for BC LittleWigs is outdated badly enough that it would need a complete and total rewrite from scratch, and nobody's had time to step up to the plate. I'd consider giving it a go myself except that I'm really bad at script writing and coding.

    That, and the fact that the average BC dungeon, even in heroic mode, can probably now be soloed and facerolled by any decently geared 90. They can stand right in the fire, heal through damage spikes, laugh in every boss' face as they sledgehammer them down.
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    posted a message on Which addon is the culprit? Need assistance
    well... tradeskills in devnull was UNchecked... I don't know if that kept getting the chat window to re-check itself, but I checked the devnull checkbox to mute tradeskills, so hopefully if another addon WAS the culprit, this adjustment to devnull will stop it. I'll have to wait and see if this is the case.

    At the very least, thanks for the suggestion. More so if it takes care of the problem, haha. :P
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    posted a message on Which addon is the culprit? Need assistance
    In my default UI chat settings, I have the tradeskills checkbox unchecked, so I don't get swamped with dozens of "JohnDoe creates SwordOfMonsterKilling" lines.

    One of my addons is continually re-checking this checkbox. I haven't yet been able to determine which one of them is doing it. I posted on the comments threads for both ProfessionsVault and TradeSkillInfo and both claim theirs is not doing it. I'm skeptical that BOTH of them are "innocent" because the tradeskill checkbox is the ONLY one that keeps getting re-checked and re-checked and re-checked. But without solid evidence I would only be provoking them into a confrontation.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem to this?

    Here's a list of my addons. Ones that I keep disabled will be listed with a (D).

    Ace3, AckisRecipeList, ACP, Archy, ArkInventory, AtlasLoot, Bartender4, Bazooka, BigWigs(D), Broker_AddonControl, Broker_BagFu, Broker_DurabilityInfo, Broker_Location, Broker_MoneyFu, Broker_uClock, Chinchilla, DBM, Decursive, devnull, Elkano's BuffBars, GatherMate2, GatherMate2_Data, InspectEquip, Mapster, Minimap Button Bar, Mendeleev, Mik's Scrolling Battle Text, Minimap Button Frame (D), MonkEC (D), MyRolePlay, NPCScan, Ogri'Lazy, OmniCC, Pitbull4 (D), ProfessionsVault, Quartz, QuestGuru (D), Recount, Routes, ShadowedUnitFrames, Silver Dragon, SocialState (Broker/LDB), SpamageMeters, SunnArt Viewport, tomQuest2, TradeskillInfo, TrinketBar

    If anyone can assist I'd appreciate it.
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    Kunda, never mind mounts and pets. Your account activity and achievements/achievement history will also appear on all characters and there's nothing you can do to avoid it. I filed a complaint with Blizzard but heaven only knows how long it's going to take, if they even bother to fix it at all. "It's not a bug, it's a feature," the latest way an unscrupulous programmer expects to be able to ram a sequoia tree up your rear-end and demand you thank them for it.

    I know I'm going to regret asking this, but, what can people do with this account fingerprint when they have it? And can just any Tom, Dick or Harry among the player population get the tools to acquire this fingerprint?
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    I never said anything was WRONG with Mapster. It continues to work fine for me as well.

    I went to the Mapster page on the main Curse.com website and there were posts that claimed, not that the addon was broken, but that it was, as Torhal put it, dead.

    So I guess my coming here to find out about alternatives, in the end, was a good thing after all.

    It showed that rumors of the addon's demise were unfounded and premature.

    Thank you, everyone have a good day, discussion closed? I'll know to disregard any such posts on Curse.com when 4.3 comes out.
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    I understand that Mapster is no longer supported; as is the case with any addon that has to be dropped by its author(s) due to RL issues, I'm not going to question this. I'll just wish the author well and say thank you for the use of Mapster while it was active.

    That being said, is there anyone who knows of any other map addons that is still current? Times change, people leave the game, people take on increased work responsibilities, others step up to the plate and we must move on to them. If anyone has stepped up to develop a map addon, I'll need to take a look-see.
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    posted a message on Updating my own ToC's
    Quote from Adirelle
    To read BugGrabber errors, install BugSack.

    Wait, first update BugGrabber, then install BugSack.

    I would if I knew which of my addons INCLUDED BugGrabber. I don't see a sub-folder named BugGrabber in my addons folder.

    ... While I was typing this I figured it out. It's one of the Lib files in Decursive. Windows START button, type in BugGrabber... Decursive gets updated a LOT. Maybe that's why the "Buggrabber has stopped capturing errors" spam stopped.

    Quote from Adirelle
    For the other addons, why not taking at look at major addon sites ? curse.com and wowinterface.com should cover 95% of addons and they both have a search engine.

    WowAce is part of the Curse network, that's why I came here. Besides I wasn't asking which of the addons I listed in my OP, have been updated. I know they all haven't been. I'm asking users who have those addons, if they can verify whether they work properly even WITHOUT having been updated-- therefore don't need to be updated, and so there is no reason to just update the TOC and use up bandwidth having players download them.
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    posted a message on Updating my own ToC's
    Programming is my downfall in computer usage. As well as I understand computers, I can't program to save my life.

    That being said, I've learned this about WoW UI addons. The version number in the ToC tells when the add-on was last updated, and there are a lot of addons that haven't been updated since 1.x (pre-BC) that still work perfectly well.

    Right now a fair number of my addons are disabled because I kept getting absolutely spammed with "!BugGrabber has stopped capturing errors because it has captured more than 10 errors in 6 seconds (I forget the exact numbers here). Capturing will resume in 30 seconds." And then a popup, "Your addons are causing umpteen errors for each and every star in the entire Milky Way Galaxy and if you do not disable every last one of them umpteen eons before the very Dawn of Time when God said, 'Let there be Light,' then to hell with CGF's, we WoW devs will haxx0r your account ourselves and sell all your phat lewtz on eBay HAHA." (sighs, okay not literally but you get the idea... :p )

    I'm not sure which addons are producing these errors because I don't know how to access "BugGrabber's" logs. What I was hoping to do, was list some of my addons that show as Out of Date, ask the user populace here if they can verify which among them still work perfectly, and therefore do not need updating, and then I would update the version numbers myself.

    (BEGIN DISCLAIMER)These would NOT be uploaded anywhere, this is a change I only do for the addons on my own hard drive, for my own edification.(/END DISCLAIMER)

    At the very least this would help me narrow down the list of which addons are causing errors, and then those will remain disabled for however long I need to keep them that way. I am not in a major hurry to get all of them updated, the main 'core ones' I rely on tend to be updated fairly quickly, anyway.

    So, here are my addons which show as out of date, if anyone can verify which still work properly and don't need actual updating:

    ARH (ArchaeoHelper)
    Bartender4 (DualSpec)
    BigWigs (Northrend raid modules) (EDIT: modules updated)
    Broker Bags
    Elkano's BuffBars
    IMHL (I Have Macro LoL)
    LittleWigs (Northrend dungeon modules)
    MBB (Minimap Button Bag)
    Shadowed Unit Frames (Options)

    ** - I strongly suspect Examiner as causing a lot of the errors I kept getting told was scrolling off the map. I can't say exactly why other than it was one of the first I disabled and it helped quiet the "too many errors" spam down. I will be keeping this disabled until I know more.

    *** - I don't really have time to raid during the Cata Expansion Pack so I will probably be keeping this disabled in any event; even if it is officially updated by its dev(s), I doubt I need it. Still, it would be nice to know if it works :p

    There are a few others, but with maintenance going on right now, I cannot access any realm character selection screen to check my enabled/disabled addons in-game, and I will be out of the house before maintenance ends, so I wanted to post this while I still remember.

    Thanks for any assistance. I'm just looking to find out which of these still work properly so I can update the TOC version numbers on my own copies.

    Holly C.

    Fossils are people too!
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    I looked through the last couple of pages on this thread, I apologize in advance if I missed it, I really had no idea what to put into the search engine to see if it's been posted already so please pardon me.

    Have all of the Northrend raid modules been removed from BigWigs?

    One of the guilds I belong to still likes to run ICC for fun sometimes and in the last run, I noticed I was getting no warnings on any of the boss special abilities.

    If all of the Northrend raid modules have been removed, are there any plans to bundle them into an optional package for those who would like to hang on to them? Kind of like how LittleWigs still has the Burning Crusade modules as an optional side package.
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    For the longest time, all report options except for in /say are grayed out and blocked. I entered "Report Options" in the search engine and got far too many returns to sort through them all.

    I am using the latest version of Recount, I run the regular Curse Updater every day.

    Personally I don't care much for sending reports unless anyone asks for one, but if someone wants to know how they are doing against someone else for example, I am blocked from sending a report because all options except for /say are grayed out and don't work.
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    posted a message on Trying to stop Tradeskill messages-- for good
    In the chat window setup, I have unchecked the checkbox that tells WoW to show people crafting items with their various tradeskills, in my chat window. I have unchecked it both for my regular chat window and my combat log.

    Yet it seems every time I adjust my interface in every way, these checkboxes get re-checked automatically by my WoW client. I am sure it is NOT constantly resetting my preferences to all default values as it is ONLY the Tradeskill checkboxes that are affected. As always, Blizzard absolutely refuses to provide any customer support whatsoever other than, "players should disable *ALL* third-party add-ons and use ONLY the default Blizzard UI."

    Unfortunately I cannot figure out what addon(s) are causing this. None of my addons directly affect my chat window, at least I don't believe so. I am not quite sure how to print up a list of them, I will try simple copy/paste from my addons folder...

    ...didn't work. I do have approximately 75 of them total, including various subfolders and plugins for FuBar (which I am going to be replacing anyway since it's no longer supported).

    If anyone can name any addons off the top of their head that they suspect might be causing this problem with tradeskill messages please let me know. If anyone needs to know the exact addons I use and knows a way for me to neatly paste in a list without being absolutely forced to manually type each of their names, please let me know that too. I want this constant re-checking of the tradeskill checkbox to STOP, and to stop for good, as the sudden influx of tradeskill message spam can quickly make it completely impossible to follow a conversation in guild chat.
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    posted a message on More FuBar vs. LDB/Broker felgerkarb
    So I've gone over as many threads as I could read in about two hours, and it appears that FuBar is no longer supported. I'm not going to question this, or want to know why, or if someone else is going to pick it up, or anything like that.

    I hear that the addons Bazooka and something called Fubar2Broker or Broker2Fubar, or something like that, work together to replace the functionality of Fubar.

    There's one problem I see with this.

    Bazooka is up to date for patch 4.0.1 but Broker2Fubar/Fubar2Broker is not up to date for patch *3.1.* It's not up to date for the old ULDUAR patch that came out a year and a half ago IIRC.

    In the meantime Fubar 3.6 is up to date for patch 3.3.5.

    So to get back the functions of an addon that is compatible with 3.3.5, I have to download an addon that is only compatible with ... 3.0.2?

    Programming the last thing about computers I even claim to be well-versed in, but something doesn't appear to add up here.

    What am I missing?
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    This is not a "how do I" post, but a request for personal opinions, therefore searching on the forum is irrelevant. (/disclaimer)

    How many people still use Pallypower?

    The addon works fine in the latest live patch, and I commend the authors and developers for their continued work. My only feeling is...

    The plethora of pally buffs has been cut down to a nubbin. There are now two-- and kings now cancels out mark of the wild and vice versa. If I'm in a 5-person random heroic that includes a druid, I know that the only thing I need to give out is might. If there's a druid and a second paladin in the group I generally don't need to give a blessing at all. And all blessings now last an hour, and there's no need to buff by class-- one buff per pally for the whole group.

    Regarding seals, I just glance quickly at the icon for my Judgement ability. If it's darkened out, I need to put a seal up. Coordinating seals isn't required, and since Judgement is now a straightforward quick-burst damage ability, I don't need to worry about its specifics anymore, either.

    With all of these streamlinings and simplifications, PallyPower just seemed superfluous to me. An addon that had a distinguished and honorable run of service, but one whose functions, Blizzard has mostly taken over for itself now.

    Does anyone out there still consider it a "If you're a pally and you don't have it, don't bother signing up for my raids" addon, the way it was especially during the BC days when Hands were blessings?
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    To Blizzard I say:

    Feh-- Feh! A million times feh!

    Maybe they should give Nevcairiel a job designing their UI.

    The default layout of Blizzard's action bars has always been the bane of my WoW experience since day 1.

    I knew this couldn't be a Bartender problem simply because Bartender still works in the live game and worked in the beta until the latest "non critical updates." NON CRITICAL updates would not make such severe changes in code as to completely block action bar addons (and NO OTHERS I might add-- ArkInventory, Atlas, SCTD, and Quartz all continued to work just fine) from functioning.

    Still, it is a PITA that I can't play the beta with the same comfort I've been doing, now that Blizz's glitch has hamstringed my favorite UI addon.

    I still think Blizzard should offer Nevcairiel a job. ;)
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    That's an interesting thought LaoTseu, if there's a way for it to be done and if Elkano is willing to run with it. I have always loved EBB but the protection on buff removal has left me very wary of continuing to use it. In fact I originally was going to post about whether that new protection made updating the addon further, worth doing at all anymore. But I saw it had already been updated and so just decided to read the last few pages of this thread to follow the discussion.

    EDIT: You type even faster than I do Lao... yeah, sorry to hear about it. Thanks a lot Blizzard, even if you DID have good reason it's still a PITA. :p
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