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    posted a message on SpellStatus-1.0
    I get an error whenever I unequip my ranged weapon (library used in icehud)

    SpellStatus-AimedShot-1.0.lua:124: table index is nil

    Name: SpellStatus-AimedShot-1.0
    Revision: $Rev: 11062 $
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    posted a message on CandyBars
    I'd like to suggest a slight addition. The ability to specify a function to be used in calculating the bars value with time.

    I have a diff file with proposed change:

    As to why:
    I disliked having bars overtaking eachother etc, I'd rather have a longer bar for longer cooldowns etc, just a linear expansion would be un-usable. Hence with this you can use a logarithmic function. where if 2 cooldowns are in the same place they will finish at the same time regardless of the total cooldown.

    (a hacked cooldowntimers with log(time^3) used in calculating the bar length and the current bar value)

    I would love these style bars as an option in bigwigs etc :)
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    posted a message on Sprocket
    If possible could an action to be carried out on the keydown be added.

    As a hunter the 1st thing I tried to use this for was putting the preaction to Feign Death and have buttons for traps and various wardrobe macros. unfortunately it tried to do the preaction at the same time, so this doesn't work.

    having an option to execute an action on the keydown (eg feign death) means I could replace my normal FD key with it and just a press and release would do the normal FD action, or press and hold then choose a trap etc would be ideal.
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