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    Wow, sifting through 300 replies for an answer to my question is really not getting me the answer i need.

    How can I make Recount accurate?
    Playing as a hunter, my recount numbers are never on par with what the rogues or warriors are showing. I understand that WoW now has an instance wide combat log range. Before, you were limited to what your combat log could parse by distance.

    It would benefit me to know what it is i'm not doing correctly with this addon to always get different stats than what melee ranged classes are getting.
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    posted a message on Addons, are they for your portfolio of coding or for the community?
    This post may come off as harsh, please don't take it that way. It's me, a user communicating to those who make add-ons, and some of the frustrating observations i see here at wowace.

    1. Artistic names:
    There is no need for them. i will use the friends notes mode AuldLangeSyne. WONDERFUL and simplistic mod i expect to find in wowace. Thing is, wtf? i need to wiki the name to find out what it's purpose is. I had NO IDEA it was a translation from an irish language. The common user, even if they know how to speak the language this mod is named after still won't make the connection that this is simply a notes mod that lets you add descriptions to your friends list.

    2. Horrible Description in the files page:
    Some addons have very bleak, (sometimes NONE at all) descriptions that don't give your mod justice. Sad fact is that most gamers come to the add on page looking for a replacement to a mod they have or some new gadget for a specific function they are missing ingame. There are loads of mods out in that page so the chances a user will read every single mod wiki and thoroughly research every mod is very low. Adding an accurate, clear and brief description of the best options your mod offers raises the chances more people will actually use the mod. Combine this with a name that describes what the mod actually does, will make the user search so much easier.

    3. Screenshots and an actual write up in the wiki:
    You spent all that time and effort actually creating the addon, and now you have the entire community to check recheck and tune your awesome mod. Why get lazy and not follow through on your mod's wiki? If you are reluctant to finish the project by thoroughly adding a project, why start it at all. The wiki is what sells your product. The common user is even lazier than you and probably wont even read the wall of text. They will go looking for a screenshot. Every add-on website out there has both, a wall of text description and screenshots for the super lazy.
    There are addons that have a weak wiki entry that delivers the message "just try it, you will like it" ORLY? Personally, I wouldn't.

    If I seem ungrateful i'm not. It is indeed your project but posting your add on to this website says to me that you are wanting to deliver a service to the WoW community and these are just a few things that if properly addressed, will make your addon more widely used and talked about.
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    posted a message on Zhunter mod died, ACE would totally make this mod more asskicking
    anyone interested in picking zhunter up at all?
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    posted a message on friends list notes
    Could we get a mod that puts a clickable button next to a friend's name?

    On this button you could add a description of said friend that shows are you mouse over the button.

    (i use friends list to store names of players that can do rare crafting ingame.)
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    posted a message on Zhunter mod died, ACE would totally make this mod more asskicking
    Hi there.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Both Zhunter and Venantes have died :(

    While they are still functional, they arent being supported anymore. These are 2 of the best hunter mods out there. sadly the authors have ventured onto bigger better things and have left no one to continue support. Functionality breaks more and more as blizz patches.

    Is there anyone out there who can continue development on these mods?

    hedge is very similar to venantes so its no big deal if no one picks this one up but ZHunter mod is something thats been around since wow launch and really incredible.
    It would be really nice if someone rewrote it to ACE or just continued to develop it as some of the functions are malfunctioning or not working at all.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    venantes: http://wowui.incgamers.com/ui.php?id=3304
    (i believe this mod was beginning to be coded in ace2)

    Zhunter: http://wowui.incgamers.com/ui.php?id=2208
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