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    what you can do is type /note x y [quest description], and then right click on the note and set it as a waypoint when you get to that quest. I'm not sure how much that would help though.
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    Quote from Lichbane »

    Quote from funkydude »

    glad to see its fixed now, the thing with the custom channel, i don't think its a good idea, for a start you would need a 2nd custom channel for the data, and get your guildies to join it, also anyone could join it, the idea is its private in your guild, now i know maybe only guild members are in your 2nd custom channel (presuming you made one) but its still open to others.

    in my honest opinion although you want to force people to use the custom channel, talking in /g should still be allowed for your members.

    That's a choice our guild has made. We are split over 2 guild because we are over 500 members. We currently use a custom channel and we accept that other people can join it and are willing to accept that we would need to use a custom channel for cartographer. We block /g because EXPERIENCE has taught us that if we didn't, then people would use it instead of the custom channel, and half our guildies would miss out on what's going on .... it's a necessity. It's take a lot for our guild to accept it, but it's worked out for the better.

    I don't understand the technical issues here. What makes /g different that it can transmit data and text, where a cutom chennel can't?


    AddOn channel to send to. Valid types are "PARTY", "RAID", "GUILD", "BATTLEGROUND".

    Particularly because the messages are sent in the "invisible" guild channel, rather than the actual /g. If they were, people not using cartographer would be getting spammed, or would be required to join a separate channel (like the old ctra days where you had to sync up the channels). I really don't think that spending the time to make it so it can make people join yet another channel, so it can spam and have the same bad problems that ctra/ora/etc had.. which is the entire reason the SendAddonMessage function was created..

    That was a bit rambling on, but I think you get the idea.
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    sounds like the guildnotes part to me, depending on the scale of the time in your graph.
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    Quote from ckknight »
    Take note: if you feel self-righteous because you wrote your great addon that the world cannot build upon, remember that you built it upon a framework that you can build upon. Such hypocrisy is disheartening in a community so grand.

    I don't exactly know how to say it, but it sounds like you are the self-righteous one. You want to say your stuff is "free," but it's not free at all. Go ahead and use our library.. but wait if you don't like our license then you can't use it.

    Take for instance the addon I wrote, FryListDKP. I didn't include a license with it, so it just has the "i made it, i have the copyright" on it. Morgalm wanted to make modifications to it, and he asked me to do this. I have no problems, given that a) I get credit, and b) He doesn't release anything under the name I use. If ace2 was GPL, I wouldn't be able to do this. I would *have* to let him make derivative works, and I wouldn't have to be given credit.

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    GPL is a bad idea. It is non-free in that it forces free on all derivitaves, which is bad in my opinion.

    Creative Commons is the way to go: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/
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    Quote from Rabbit »

    deluXE, you mean the Base Stats and Spells menu stuff?
    If so, that's in WoW TBC :) All the screenshots are taken in beta.

    Khama, Moong, teedog, thanks alot for your bugreports! I will take a look at them some time during this weekend.

    gariig, zophiel, thanks alot for the Banker feedback, I'll try to get that up and running as soon as I can.

    Kharybdis, in order to get ClosetGnome to equip a set for you when you perform Evocation, you'll have to make a macro like this:

    /script ClosetGnome:WearSet("Evocation"); CastSpellByName("Evocation"); ClosetGnome:WearSet("MyNormalWeaponSet");

    And you'll have to add the Evocation and MyNormalWeaponSet as ClosetGnome sets, obviously.

    Hope that helps :)

    That won't work. Evocation is a channeling spell and you need to wait 8 seconds before un-equipping the item. Something better would be to hook the aura gained/lost event and wear/remove based on gaining/losing evocation
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    Quote from Naloch »

    Quote from Theon »

    Seems rather nice, sorting the bars per class would be nice though, as it is in the pic - the many colors hurts my eyes, toning down the alpha could help with that though

    Sorting will be impossible in the expansion, I assume that's why this addon is being written.

    Sorting will be possible in the expansion, as long as it's done out of combat.
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    heh, i find this amusing in that the similar addon I wrote for my guild is called BigWigs_Healbot :p
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    Quote from Lanacan »

    Quote from FlareCDE »

    The only comment I can come up with is... who do they think they are? ^^

    Obvioulsly someone who thinks they can make money off of WoW.

    Isn't there a clause in the TOS/EULA (sp?) stating that anything that is developed for use in WoW becomes the intelectual property of Blizzard or something like that?

    If that's true even charging to have access to the addon would be a violation of that clause.

    (Please note I'm not out to cause trouble over this. It just boggles my mind that people will actually pay for the "ability" to download an addon (regardless of development stage) and has a very high learning curve to use correctly according to the author.)

    No, you're wrong. Copyright law gives you the rights over what you create, unless you sign them away by being employed and are actually making something for the entity that employs you. There is no way for blizzard to own anything a user creates, unless they give them explicit permission. It definately needs more than a EULA to do that.
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    Quote from Xerophyte »

    Hrm. Class and subgroup sliders sound a bit too fiddly to me, these are settings that I'm likely to want to change on a per-fight basis and even if partial priorities are nice I'd rather not have to deal with setting and resetting 16 different sliders per boss.

    I'd personally prefer a simple, discrete setup; for each class or group you pick a coloured button. Say, red for critical priority, yellow for high priority and green for low priority. The affected units' priority values are modified by +200/0/-200 or somesuch.

    As for the spell levels; far as I can tell from Thottbot the only case where the higher-level spell is more expensive is Abolish Disease costing more than Cure Disease. It's also inefficient spamming an Abolish to remove large stacks, as the recasts will restart the timer so you only get the initial remove and never the tick'd removes. Optimal logic for non-Diseases is thus to use Abolish if there's no Abolish active on the target and use Cure if there is. For disease it might be worthwhile checking if there's more than one and only Abolish if so, but I've no clue how much overhead that'd involve or if it's even possible.

    In my experience, abolish cures once instantly, and then every 5 seconds thereafter.. so you're not losing anything by casting abolish over cure.
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    FryListDKP might fill the void. I don't remember if it puts the item-points on the item, but it definately lets you set them.
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    Onebag looks cool, but really without the viewing alt's inventory/bank, I'm stuck with mybags.
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    no it doesn't track any part of the stuff for reporting dkp. it's commented out now anyways. If I did anything for tracking the dkp it would be in a seperate addon, i was just mentioning it so other people could look at it if need be.
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    The description on wowi:


    FryListDKP is an addon for handling DKP point values for members in your raid. This is an all-new version based on Ace2, and is in beta. Because it's Ace2, there are no dependencies for this mod. There are many unfinished things about it, but it's what I'm using so I figured I'd let other people use it as well.

    To view the DKP for a particular item, simply hold alt and left-click an item in either a loot window or in your inventory (other locations will be added at a later date, as well as a command line version). A menu will pop up that shows the 9 classes that could possibly loot this item. For some items (for example Bracelets of Might) this will just be one class, so select Warrior class. For other items it may be multiple classes. Regardless, choose all classes that you want to display the DKP for. Next, select the points and enter how many points the item is worth (note: automatically importing points from EQDKP will be added at a later date). After doing so, select the option to display it to the raid and it will print out a list of members that are in the selected classes in order from the highest DKP, filtering out all of the people that already have the item.

    To update the member point values for your guild, you can go to my parse script and enter the url to your EQDKP members listing page and it will give you the correct code for the FryListRaidPoints.lua file. Alternatively if you are running a web server locally with php, you can modify the parse.php with your dkp site and local path to the file and it will update there as well. Note that you must reload your interface for the changes to show up. In a later version this step will be simplified a lot so be patient.

    Q: Why doesn't it filter out a raid member that already has item xxx?
    A: There are two possible reasons for this. The first is the mod has never seen the player wearing the item when it displays the dkp list. To fix this, simply have the player wear the item and print the point values for that item again. Once the mod captures that the player has the item, they never need to wear it again for the mod to filter it out again. The other reason is that it may be a quest item, such as the Desecrated Bracers in Naxxramas which grant the player either [Bonescythe Bracers] or [Dreadnaught Bracers]. This will be added in the future.

    Q: What about non-unique items like the Ring of Spell Power? It shouldn't filter those people out.
    A: Yes you're right. To work around this simply list the dkp for an item that's unequipable with the correct classes. So for example the ring of spell power, you could list the points for [Conjured Crystal Water] for mages and warlocks.

    It's on SVN as well as WoWI.

    • Add syncing of DKP points in raid over ctra
    • Add dewdrop to links in chat
    • add method of grabbing the quest items from the one the boss drops
    • Grab item points from dkp site too
    • Handle unique items better
    • put commandline options back
    • put gui back

    This is my first conversion to Ace2.. it was kind of a pain, but I got it working.

    There's also a commented out version of logging items that drop in the code. I used to use this when my guild entered the points in manually. That guild broke up though and I'm in a new one that uses raidtracker so I commented it out because I didn't need it. I also have a couple php scripts that parse the savedvariables file and get the points out of it as well as the items people have and makes a little page for it so you can tell kind of at a glance who needs what from where. It's kind of klunky though so I'm not going to release it yet.

    It's kind of in a beta state, so I'm just putting it out there for people that might want it.
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    doesn't the theorycraft mod do this?
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