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    posted a message on A long list of requests (new ideas and for modify existing addons)
    1. developmnt library for random sayings
    sayings should be filtered by MY race, class, lvl, gender
    and by TARGETED player race, class, level, gender
    saying should be reformatted by gender (he-she, his-her)
    idea partially taken from "RessChatter"

    1a. gUI for manipulating sayings (adding, deleteing etc..)
    variables for sayings! e.g.: "Ressurecting ${name} ${class} ${lvl}"...
    support for emote style tellings... ("EMOTE" channel)

    1b. embed random sayings into SmartRes, AfterCast and other modules (ofc, enable/disable) - sometimes would be funny telling after Detox-ing "Hex" from an undead female: "Hey ${name}, youre was nicer as frog..."
    ofc, need customize where tell - SAY, YELL, EMOTE, PARTY... and OFF.

    2. Librarty for universal character equipment-storing - maybe OneStorage is ok - not checked
    2a. Rewrite SuperInspect for Ace2
    2b. ALLOW STORE inspected players equipment name.date.equipmentlist
    2c. UI for showing stored players-equipment later.

    3. Rewrite "NotesUNeed" to Ace2 (but much better) (modify Omnibus?)
    ideas for Modules
    * category module = ability categorizing my notes (into my own categories)
    * party/raid module = counting and storing player names when i am longer in party with they as XX-minutes
    * player-notes = ability making notes about players
    * tooltip-module = Show first line of notes in TinyTip tooltip when mouse-over him, and NOT SHOWN auto-added-notes like NotesUNeed (very boring)
    * friends/ignore = ability entering CHECKED players into friends/ignore list
    * quest-history module = store history of my quests (with own comments)
    * entering comments for current quests (coords, etc..)
    * Accountant module - (see not Aced addon Acountant)

    4. Add menu-entry [notes] into "PlayerMenu" addon for this new Aced NotesUNeed above

    5. AH framework With Modules (not zilion AH addons) - ofc Ace2.
    * AH_Wipe - wipe button
    * AH_Favorites - oneclick search for favorites
    * AH_showbid - show, when item is bidded
    * AH_priceeach - show price for 1 piece when stacked
    * AH_sort_by_BO_price (see addon AuctionSort - very nice, but not Ace2'd :()
    * AH_massAuction (like IgorsMassAuction addon - ofc Ace2)

    6. Rewrite EmotesFu for Ace2 ;)

    7. Rewrite dab (Discord Action Bars) for Ace2. DAB is one of the BEST addons what i seen, with ability SIMPLE triggering buttons by events, custom scripts, controll-boxes, floaters) - PLEASE, some excellent ACE-guru can rewrite it?
    Discord Library should be excellent for Ace community too.. Maybe AceGUI2?

    8. AceGUI for Ace2!
    Need common look for addons. Why OmniBus and TinyNote has different frame style/logic than OneBag? (By me, OneBag's frames are better with dewdrop config button and stylish black background). Need and universal GUI-manipulation library/tool, for unified GUI-texture-style-skin manipulation.

    9. TrinketMenu
    Excellent work, but wanted more simply config. I want use another trinket queues when im in BG and another when soloing and another when im in instance (by instance type) and switch them automatically. Ofc, is posible save-load configs, but this is boring. Needed better configuration. E.g. swap my carrot on stick only with trinket what HAS NO cooldown-after-equip. Try commincate with some "Outfitter/Warderobe" addons...

    10. Buffalo
    Another exellent work! But what i really want is a matrix with 8 columns, and when i have only 7 buffs in first line, then want show debuffs in the second line, and if i get 9 buffs (and then need 2 lines for buffs) then want show debuffs automatically in the 3rd line. Buffalo allow me set-up columns,rows orientation and another zilion things for 3 different buff/debuff/item-buff types, but cant do Frame-linking-anchoring. e.g. anchor defuff frame to current-ACTIVE-AND SHOWED-BUFFS-frame.

    11. LGF manager
    I know, in BC Blizzard will make an better LFG manager, but...
    CallToArms is nice, but has some weaknesses and not Aced... ;(

    12. Automation
    Adding replying ability (maybe with random messages) for declining duel inquiries, party invites and etc...

    13: MrPlow - want define my OWN sorting rules...

    14: ItemSync (i think its better than LootLink) - need FuBar/Ace2 version

    15. Clique - pls, ignore my "renew" click on ppl who already has renew.. ;)

    If somthing is already done, ple. tell me about it.

    Special Thanx For
    ag_unitframes - simply the best(!) unitframes
    oCB and much more.

    Guys - Ace2/FuBar addons are is (mostly) EXCELLENT!
    (but auctioneer, gatherer and Discord Action Bars are excellent too)

    WANT RIP OFF ace 1.x and most of not aced addons... ;)

    OMG, why blizzard not implemented perl or python instead of lua :-(
    i know, size - but addons would be much better, nicer... i love perl.

    dont blame me - my enlglish is only little better than my Gnomish ;)
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