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    posted a message on In search of timer bars...again.
    I'm using Spellreminder for all my DOTs/Buffs (Slice and Dice, Rupture, Find Weakness, Poisons, etc.) it simply adds every buff/dot to a list, where you can decide which to show.
    And CooldownWatch (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/11308/ ) for specific CDs (I'm a rogue, so i want to see CD of Drums, Cloak of Shadows, etc.).
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    posted a message on Sort addon
    Been switching from mr. plow too.
    Great addon, sooo much faster, no annoying chatmessages, sorting while afk. :love: :)
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Quote from trulymad »

    Here's my current WIP, still tweaking it. I play a rogue for the most part so I prefer clean lines and try not to let UI obstruct my view. Saying that we all like eye candy of course! :P

    The Omen and Recount frames hides when not in a raid and I normally have my bottom bar on autohide as everything is keybinded.





    Any suggestion on what font's to use as I'm still looking at some now.

    I totally love that UI, probably the best ive seen for some time. Do you mind sharing it? (Actually i dont have a clue how one could share UI the best way. just config? :o)
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    posted a message on What is the best HUD ?
    Quote from Purplewedgie »

    I use ArcHud simply for it's shape. There are others that do more but I they all seem to be either crazy to look at or are straight blocks. I'm not sure this counts as "best" but it's why I use ArcHud.

    Some days ago i just tried all the huds i found here, was used to ArcHUD and switched back after.
    Dunno.. the shape is clear and nice, smooth animations, does everything it should.
    What i missed from the other HUDs was either the shape (dont like bars or fancy, irritating tree-like things) or they didnt animate which i really like. :O
    One thing i miss in ArcHUD is a threatbar, though.
    On the other hand, i think one could customize the other HUDs to have the ArcHUD bars. But thats just too much work for something i already have with ArcHUD.

    So basically its just a matter for what you like and what you are accustomed too.
    Most of the other HUDs are far more customizable, too.
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    posted a message on What a bunch of BS :-(
    Quote from tekkub »

    Well a drama warning seems useless here... should I be a nazi admin? Please?

    I am really wondering for how long this thread is open now :(
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    posted a message on Happy Birthday Kaelten!
    Happ birthday, forum overlord! :)
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    posted a message on EngBag to ACE2 mod?
    this addon looks quite similar to arkinventory, maybe you try this (it also eats a lot of memory, too ;) ).
    I think it doesnt have this advanced search functionality, though.
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    posted a message on What a bunch of BS :-(
    You are just trying to complain for the sake of having a discussion, dont you?
    First of all, you don't give hard facts. You just claim that your points are fact.
    Second, as you may have noted in the other thread, a whole community disagrees with you.
    And Third: For fucks sake, if you are sooo pissed off about it, you would start your shitty threads
    in your own guild-forum, and let the people download an omen version from your own guildsite, which gets updated once a week.

    And the whole "i'm a software developer"-thing. Guess what, me too. But you are just comparing apples and oranges. Omen (or any other mod here)
    is no professional, supported software (in means, someone pays for it and expects 100% working software).
    If you look at standard opensource software, most of it is released as beta, with people testing while the software may still change a lot.
    If you don't like to use beta-software (remember: the mainsite says "BETA downloads") you are probably better off to pay someone for coding and supporting your software.
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    posted a message on Potion Cooldown Announce!
    Personally, i love CooldownWatch http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/11308/
    It wont announce on sct, though. But you can disable the bars and show only abilities/items that have still cd.
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    posted a message on Threat meter that actually works?
    Quote from Gzipper »

    God what is it with you people? Requiring that Antiarc should have done this and that. "damn i cant raid coz my threatmeter doesnt work".
    If you guys are that eager to have a working Threatmeter to do help you out, pay Antiarc, give him money and then start talking about deadlines. Geez!

    BTW great work done you coders! Antiarc etc :)

    correct. thanks for omen. People shouldn't complain that much. The time they waste here, writing complains could be far better used in helping you out (with detailed bug reports, or whatever).
    Personally, the time "without" omen showed me, that raiding without a threatmeter is still quite possible, just not that efficient.

    "push forward as efficiently as possible and fight through the noise." <- !
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    posted a message on This add on?
    buffalo self-buff and target-buff placed in the middle of the screen?
    This game (guess whats in the picture) actually has a bit of a funfactor ;)

    edit: After searching for "arena buff display" on curse it most certainly is MagicTrack http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/11577/
    "MagicTrack consists of three features: Buff durations, Interrupt Cooldowns, and Warnings for both. "
    "This addon gives you an icon for time until it fades."
    "Warnings: Alert placed in middle of screen such as "CLOAK OF SHADOWS GAIN <Player>" and "CLOAK OF SHADOWS FADE <Player> GOGO"."
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    posted a message on Post cool PitBull layouts here!
    due to a change in the layout format you have to go through your unitframes and select "center" for the bars that appear weird
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    posted a message on latest 2.3.3 omen version
    old versions dont work because the combatlog changed with wow 2.4.
    That's the reason why omen2 was done (and may have some bugs in it).
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    posted a message on Omen2
    Quote from ManniAT »

    I find no longer options to pull out bars also.

    Thats what i am missing the most, over the recent months i really became accustomed to my threat-bar in the middle of my screen.
    Any chance that this feature will come back?
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    posted a message on Bar mods
    Quote from Farook »

    Isn't there anyone out there using "Speedbar3" or "BunchOfBars"?

    Both addons are on my "watchlist" for quiet some time now, but I never find the time to test them (currently using Bartender3)...

    <--- uses bartender and bunchofbars (which is indeed a raidframes-addon ;) )
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