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    I love the idea, and it's a great tool. But I think the results regarding FSR are misleading.

    The solution, while simple sounding might not be easy to implement. I haven't looked at the code yet to see.

    Here's the problem. When you have 100% mana the time out of FSR should be ignored. Currently it skews the percentage in FSR by counting time when you aren't really regen'ing but also aren't in FSR. That time should be completely ignored.

    There are other more important scenarios, but this is the easiest to explain what I mean:

    When combat starts and you are at 100% mana, you are not in FSR, but you are not in regen either. Most healers avoid casting for several seconds into a fight to lower the chance of pulling aggro. Therefore, there is a consistent, built in, error in the FSRT calculation.

    Let me give you a real life example (I'll leave out the details, but rest assure I plotted it out to the second in excel). A 3 mob pull with 2 hunter traps. Tank pulls 2 mobs into traps, tanks the 3rd. As the traps fail a mage begins aoe immediately, pulling aggro on one of the mobs. Healer must emergency heal mage. Tank regains aggro on all mobs, takes major damage for very short time until first mob drops then next two drop quickly. Bottom line is the healer remained out of FSR but with full mana for most of the first half of the fight. The last half of the fight was spent almost 100% in FSR.

    The above fight was 43 seconds long from pull to last mob death. 22 seconds were spent in FSR. However, 2 of those 22 seconds of FSR were spent with 100% mana (no regen occurring) and 19 of the 43 seconds overall were spent with 100% mana (no regen occurring). Therefore the tool is currently calculating a FSR % of 51% (22 / 43). I think a more accurate calculation would be to discard all time spent at 100% mana and use 20 seconds of FSR and 24 seconds of combat for: an FSR % of 83% (20 / 24)

    If that was too complicated a scenario lets take the most simple. A 60 second fight where the healer holds back for 8 seconds before first heal and then scrambles like heck never leaving FSR for the remainder of the fight. Current calculation: 60 second total fight time, FSR time 52 seconds for an FSR % of 87%, when in reality the effective FSR time was 100%.

    The time spent at full mana is irrelevant to mana regen calculations and should therefore be ignored completely (exactly like time out of combat is ignored, although it is more difficult to do since it goes "on and off" during combat).

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