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    As wonderful as Grid is (I wouldn't know what to do without it) it does have a few bugs, especially when units share the same name (e.g. hunter's pets).

    For those of you who're in the same situation as me (your hunter arena partner has a pet named the same as him or yourself) and in-case Jerry doesn't have time to complete Grid2, here's how I achieved (albeit in a hacky way) my old Grid setup in Grid by editing some lua. But first, the in-game configuration (you can probably skip this but it affects some of my lua choices later).

    - Set to None.

    - Show Tooltip = 'Never'
    - Advanced
    - Height = 25
    - Width = 40

    - Show when = 'Grouped'
    - Uncheck 'Horizontal Groups'
    - Padding = 4
    - Spacing = 9
    - Layouts
    - Arena = 'By Group 4 w/Pets'

    - bar
    - Orientation of Frame = 'Horizontal'
    - text-up
    - Centre Text Length = 5
    - Font = 'Calibri v0.9'
    - Font Size = 10

    There are three lua files I edited:
    - Grid2/GridCore.lua
    - Grid2/modules/IndicatorText.lua
    - Grid2/modules/IndicatorIcon.lua

    The biggest changes come from GridCore.lua, it's where you can setup most settings concerning what statuses are displayed and where. The interesting code happens in the method Grid2:SetupIndicators() and starts on line 192. This code is split up by the class of the player, so that different settings are set for each class. I use Grid as a Druid, Priest and Paladin so I'll use these as examples:

    For each class there's a variable called debuffPriorities, e.g.:

    		debuffPriorities = {
    			["debuff-Curse"] = 90,
    			["debuff-Poison"] = 80,
    			["debuff-Magic"] = 70,
    			["debuff-Disease"] = 60,

    If you wish to hide Magic debuffs and Diseases you can comment out those lines (or remove them) by adding '--'s like this:

    			--["debuff-Magic"] = 70,
    			--["debuff-Disease"] = 60,

    The code then sets up the various indicators. The code to looks out for is the lines that look like:

    		self.indicators["corner-4"]:RegisterStatus(xxx, 99)

    as these are the lines that set what corner the status is indicated in. The corners are enumerated as 1 = Top Left ('corner-1'), 2 = Bottom Right ('corner-2'), 3 = Top Right ('corner-3') and 4 = Bottom Left ('corner-4'). So for example my Priest's Grid the code looks like:
    		self.indicators["corner-2"]:RegisterStatus(renew, 50)

    		self.indicators["corner-3"]:RegisterStatus(weakened, 99)

    I'm guessing that the numbers at the end of the line are priorities. The default setup has both a corner and an icon indicator displaying debuff statuses, I don't want that so I removed the line:

    	config["corner-2"] = debuffPriorities

    Non-class based statuses are set above this section, this section didn't concern me as I use the defaults but things you might want to change/remove are the positions of the agro and incoming heals indicators:
    	["corner-1"] = { aggro = 99 },
    	["corner-4"] = { heals = 99 },

    Change "corner-x" to your desired corner as above.

    I only changed one thing in 'Grid2/modules/IndicatorIcon.lua' and that's the size of the icon, set by:

    		iconSize = 14,

    I set mine to 12.

    I changed two lines in 'Grid2/modules/IndicatorText.lua' and that was:

    CreateTextIndicator("up", "BOTTOM", "CENTER", 0, -4)
    CreateTextIndicator("down", "TOP", "CENTER", 0, 4)

    I changed the top line to 0 and the bottom to -2. This was because my font-size and font changes moved the text out of alignment so if you're happy with the default font/size/position there's nothing for you to do here.

    I'm currently trying to get Unstable Affliction given a higher display priority and finding a way of externalising these changes so that they're not overwritten in case of future updates (god bless SVN). I'll post back when/if it's done.
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