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    On the beta downloader for wowace there is buffalo2 and buffalo2-dreamlayout. The only problem is that it does not include the dreamlayout containers for targets and target debuffs. Can you show me where to get containers with dreamlayouts for target and target debuffs. Or a simple how to code workaround can also suffice if you can. It was odd that it wasnt included with the buffalo2_dreamlayout download from wowace.
    heres a snap show of how i use buffalo2 visual map and a snapshot link:
    1=my buffs
    2=target buffs
    3=my debuffs
    4=target debuffs


    just used to give an idea how i use my buffalo2.


    The problem with Satrina is it doesnt show the buffs of the target well thats what it says on the introduction. With Buffalo2 I can click a guy and see all the debuffs and buffs on him with no issues can satrinas do that?
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