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    posted a message on Violation
    A feature I would love to see in Violation would be to keep it 'silent', or rather, more or less snot running, while not in a group or raid. I rarely need to know how much healing I have done while getting some primal water :)
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    posted a message on [Request] A fubar plugin for Incubator
    I just installed Incubator, and it just seams to be lovley :)
    Althou,I haven't used it yet in a raid enviorment as we will raid first tonight or perhaps tomorow, I still noticed that Incubator lacked a feature I would realy like to have.

    Before I installed Incubator, we just used a simple timer for the respawns, I used TimerFu.
    What I would like to see are a plugin that only shows the time in plain text left until a respawn will occur.
    If there are multiple respawns, thus multiple respawn timers, couldnt they be posted in a tooltip that only are visible of you hover over the timer showed in the fubar panel?

    Also the ability to hide the bars from the screen would be nice trough a dropdown menu, as I then can clear up some more screen estate.

    a little excample, if that would be needed
    thingsname -00:50:23

    Thank you for reading the post :)
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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    I would like to thank you for designing this lovley addon, it helps alot during our raid as the healers are alowed to conserve mana and save time.
    but I would, like so meny other people out there, come with a little request.

    If I wich to see if I need to attend to a cirtain member of the raidforce I first must cast a healing spell upon him.
    So I figured, why couldent the healing bar show even if im not casting a spell on him?
    Lets say hes beeing attended to, then the healing bar shows and the estimated heal on the member are also shown.
    Today, I have to also start to cast a heal to see this.
    If someone arent casting a healing spell on him, of crouse, the healing bar will not show, and I then should assume that no one have started to heal him and I can saftly start.

    Now it wouldent make a great diference, but a diference never the less, and a very welcomed one too.
    Atleast, I and some members of your raid force thinks so too.

    Again, thank you for this addon.
    I hope you are having a nice time, Ereth
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