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    Quote from aborby »

    been using the mod alongside ctrt/eqdkp, for fun. love it. ONLY problem is the import/export from eqdkp..
    i want to be able to import 2 eqdkp dbs into the addon, use that data,manipulate it during the raid (add for events, subtract for loot), then export the new values back to eqdkp at the end of the night.

    im sure that its possible, kinda really hoping for someone with coding knowledge to upload a simple perl? script to get eqdkp>csv

    I'm glad you like it. :-) You should have heard vent chat the first time I looted something and all those Bidder windows popped up on people's screens. :-D

    You should only ever have to do the eqDKP import once, thankfully. :-) But, yah, a perl script would be awesome -- wish I knew perl...

    The "/dkp sync" command should be able to keep your in-game points database consistent with your eqDKP database as long as the people who're running raids all run DKPmon, and get together to do a sync operation between raids.

    As for the export, since eqDKP apparently has a CSV import option, what you can do is:
    1) use "/dkp dump" to export a CSV of your DKPmon database.
    2) import it into a spreadsheet (Openoffice, and spreadsheets.google.com are both free and can import csv)
    3) Delete column 4 (the points for the second pool), and then delete column 2 (the classes of each player).
    4) Save as a csv -- this is your csv for your first database
    5) Create a new sheet and import the DKPmon csv again.
    6) Delete columns 3 & 2.
    7) Save as a csv -- this is your csv for your second database.
    8 ) Import both csv's you created into eqDKP.

    It's a little involved but, it should work. :-)

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    So, it turns out that adding a zero-sum DKP mode was cake. Version 1.5 of DKPmon (available on the web page) now has a toggle for zero-sum DKP. The "Using DKPmon" page, and the ChangeLog both have a little blurb on how to enable and use it.


    edit: Okay, so it occurs to me that there's another way that I could have coded the zero-sum stuff. Which would people prefer.
    1) The way I have it, where the points are awarded right when the items are given out. With you only having to use the awards GUI to perform the raid & standby query.
    2) Have a point total increased by the total points of items on the auction block when a "deduct points" is done. Then, on the awards GUI have another button to split that the current point total evenly among all selected raid/standby/database players, and set the point total to zero afterwards.

    I'm leaning towards option (2) myself.
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    Quote from aborby »

    from a quick browse of the eqdkp forums it seems that you CAN import CSV to eqDKP (add raid > parse log > copy paste csv there)

    Awesome. That saves me a whole bunch of work. :-D

    Quote from Dssurge »

    ... this addon is amazing. The only suggestion I can make would be begin able to set up a zero-sum system automatically.

    adding a button to the award section with a simple "spent total / (list count + standby count)" equation would be fantastic and I assume simple to implement.

    Thanks. :-) I'm glad that people like it. You're right, putting in a zero-sum should be pretty easy. I'll see what I can hack up. ;)

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    Quote from aborby »

    great mod, gunna love it, continue development if at all possible!! <3

    Thanks. My guild certainly loves it; with a little experience, you can take the entire looting process down from 5-10 minutes per boss (collecting whispers for each item, alt-tabbing, getting points, figuring out the winner, etc) to 1-2 minutes per boss -- baring debates, of course.

    Quote from aborby »

    one question though. i have a fully functional eqDKP (two actually) database working. how can i get that data into CSV form?

    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about eqDKP so I can't answer your question other than in general terms.

    For those who don't know, CSV is a pretty basic text-based spreadsheet format; it stands for colon separated values (sometimes it's also refered to as comma separated values). Basically, each line of the text format contains a row of the spreadsheet and columns are separated by colons. ex:
    <row 1 column 1>:<row 1 column 2>:<row 1 column 3>
    <row 2 column 1>:<row 2 column 2>:<row 2 column 3>
    <row 3 column 1>:<row 3 column 2>:<row 3 column 3>

    It's a nice format because pretty much every spreadsheet program can import/export it and it's easy to work with for the awk/sed/perl wizards in the crowd.

    In the case of DKPmonInit, each row is the information for one player with column 1 being their name, column 2 being their class, and columns 3+ being their points totals for each point pool.

    So, your options for getting your eqDKP database into CSV format are to either:
    1) Write some sort of script (perl or otherwise) to read the database and write it in CSV. I know Jack and squat about perl, and Jack just left town, so I don't know how feasable this actually is.
    2) Display your database as an html table, and cut & paste the values into a spreadsheet. Then, do a CSV export.
    3) Manually write it out in CSV -- yuck.
    4) Other. <shrug>

    One thing that's on my todo list for DKPmon is to add an eqDKP export option -- right now it can only export your database in CSV. So, right now, you won't be able to make any changes to your points done by DKPmon to your eqDKP database. But I can't write the eqDKP export code as I don't know the eqDKP input file grammar; in a couple of quick google searches I haven't been able to find any information on the grammar. So, I'd be grateful if someone can give me a url where I can find a detailed description of the grammar used by eqDKP.

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    This is an old thread. Please see the new one at: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=4046.0
    Or, the new web site at: http://dkpmon.googlepages.com
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    posted a message on Detox needs your help
    Remove Lesser Curse -- class Mage:

    Targetting friendly -- "Nothing to Dispel"
    Targetting enemy -- glowing hand
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    Quote from DGambler »

    Hmm, I'm a little confused, hope someone can set me straight.

    1.) Got Bartender2 + Dreamlayout + Pagemaster installed
    2.) Got all my buttons and layout like I want them
    3.) When I hit <SHIFT>, <CTRL>, or <ALT>, my bar 1 "swaps" for bar2 or some other bar, I don't want this to happen. I have several actions bound to <SHIFT-SOMETHING> and when I hit the SHIFT key, it "swaps" the bars

    Occassionally, bar 1 swaps with some other bar and gets "stuck"

    Any insight would be welcome.

    That's the functionality that Pagemaster adds. The fix is simply to remove Pagemaster. :-D
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    Quote from Peoii »

    Bar 1:
    Scorch Debuff - Refreshes on each successful application of scorch. This should NOT be refreshed when the Fire Vulnerability portion of the scorch is resisted. (As it seems everything and their DOG has some bit of fire resist... damn you blizzard)

    Easy method of coding would be to simply watch my own scorches/firevuln procs... that's cake I think, and I've even got a (rather ugly) addon that does it right now, though I'm REALLY looking for a replacement. (ScorchWatch is it's name if people are interested) The tuff method? Make it work with all fire mages in the raid. Either by combat log parsing (not sure if that's possible) or using the new hidden channels to automagically sync up our bars. This would be a HUGE help for the raid members to know when a scorch was needed so we could maintain maxing out our dps.

    Of course, given the two, I'd love to see the Sync option. Again, it'd be a huge help for keeping us fire mages dishing out that massive damage we've come to know and love.

    The tricky part with this is that once a mob has Fire Vulnerability(5), the client no longer receives event messages when a fire vulnerability is applied (refreshing the debuff). The only time you receive an event about fire vuln at that point is when it's resisted.

    So, your only option once fire vuln(5) is applied is to watch for a fire vuln resist shortly after a scorch and if you don't see one you can maybe refresh the timer. I say maybe because you really shouldn't assume that every scorch is cast by a mage with 3/3 imp scorch... Sometimes there's no resist because there was nothing proc'd to resist.

    Just something to keep in mind.

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