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    Quote from oridan »

    Working on the miss problem now, i'm having to rework the system mind you, so it could take a little while, please bear with me. :) I also need to have another look at the bar growth *ugh*
    Hehe good luck :o), bar growth - you mean the bars growing upwards? Wasn't too worried about that, will be nice to have though :p.
    The problem with multiple targets, is when a spell is cast we only know the name of the unit, there are no unique identifiers, so if there are two units with the same name i have to assume its the same one.
    Yeah, I realise that, it's kind of annoying. Perhaps determining if the one you have targetted has the expected DoTs on it, or suchlike.. Either way, I don't expect it to be a small job :p
    On this note, i started writing a library to intelligently detect and uniquely identify multiple mobs of the same name, but its purely work in progress at the moment, and as such is very hit and miss. (not suitable for use, yet).
    Sounds good, would pave the way for some great mods, no doubt.

    Quote from nexus6 »

    Also a way to configure the bar width, height and text displayed (I don't need to see the spell name, the icon says enough and I'd just need the target's name in the bar).
    Bar Width, & Text Displayed would both be appreciated, for sure.

    Look forward to seeing where you take this one :o)
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    Am still able to "overlook" corruption, using v50394.1, but it's happening less frequently.. Maybe 4 or 5 in 10.

    Getting a lot of debug messages in this version, too. Though, maybe they'll be of assistance ;o)

    [19:46:09] SpellReminder: spellsent: player:Unstable Affliction:Rank 3
    [19:46:11] SpellReminder: spellsent: player:Corruption:Rank 8
    [19:46:11] SpellReminder: spellsuccess: player:Unstable Affliction:Rank 3
    [19:46:12] SpellReminder: cast: Unstable Affliction:Rank 3
    [19:46:12] SpellReminder: casting~=nil
    [19:46:12] SpellReminder: spellsuccess: player:Corruption:Rank 8
    [19:46:12] SpellReminder: cast: Corruption:Rank 8
    [19:46:13] SpellReminder: spellsent: player:Curse of Agony:Rank 7
    [19:46:13] SpellReminder: spellsuccess:Curse of Agony:Rank 7
    [19:46:14] SpellReminder: cast: Curse of Agony:Rank 7
    [19:46:14] SpellReminder: casting~=nil

    I should probably note that I'm using stopcasting to combat my aussie ping (~350ms give or take). So generally on the client side, I will be interrupting the UA cast before casting corr. If anything though, I'd have suspected this to cause UA to be overlooked, not corruption.

    Another thing of note, I can't track DoTs on two mobs with the same name. Eg, Dotting up two of the Raging Fire Elementals on the plateau, the second one's DoTs overwrote the timers for the first.

    Hope this helps, and good luck :o)
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    Thought I'd give this one a shot, considering it as a necb replacement. I like it, gj :o)

    A couple of things:

    I noticed when applying DoTs close together, spellreminder often misses the second one. For instance, on my warlock, I usually open with Unstable Affliction, and as soon as that's finished casting, apply an instant Corruption, followed by CoA, Siphon Life. Nine times out of ten, spellreminder didn't pick up the Corruption. Had no problem with CoA->SL, probably because there's a global cooldown between the two.

    The other thing may have been an oversight on my part, only played briefly, but I couldn't find anywhere to configure that warning text.. Some options to shrink/disable it in the menu would be handy :o).

    Definitely keep at it, this mod has great potential :o)
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