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    I'm savvy mod user. I play on a heavily modded UI.

    I've always used Discord mods, but have been doing my best to move away from that suite.. I don't see myself getting away from the unit frames just yet as I can't see an Ace mod that will do what I need.. yet.. but that's a different topic entirely..

    I've read about each of the current ace2 action bar replacements, but I'm hoping a few questions will save me the time of actually installing and trying each and every one..

    I currently use:
    5 bars stacked on top of each other..
    1-4 are 9 buttons each
    5 is 7 buttons.

    Bar 5 has multiple pages and the pages can be changed by using my mouse wheel while over that bar.. (BIG MUST)

    I have another bar that pops up when I'm out of combat.. and another that pops when my health and/or mana are below a specified threshold (pots/bandages bar).

    I can live without conditional pots/bandages bar.. and I guess I can try to live without the "out of combat" bar..

    Can any of the Ace2 barmods do what I need?

    Thanks in advance for helping with this fairly noobish question..
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