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    Here is an update:

    The buffs in the top right may look wierd, being how there are two sets. However, the one on the right is my own, and the one to the left of it is my pet's. I'll probably make my pet's bars smaller, but overall I like the visability of my pet's buffs/debuffs.
    Very nice,got a link to this latest version?
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    Since i did an Aceupdate today (as i do every day) i have lost the default playermenu that comes up on right click on player frame. all modifiers open aguf dewdrop. Have spent the last couple of hours scouting around for solution but without success.
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    When did the debuffs become weird colored? Is there a way to disable it beacuse I cant tell what debuff is what when they are all red.
    I too get this weird coloring (sunder armor red, fire vuln green etc..) any ideas ?
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