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    Quote from Gardan »

    I hate it. I always broke MC by shielding myself, which I cannot do any more because shield is on my main action bar. Please add an option!

    I agree with this, an option to revert to the prior behavior would be great. I have (had) several macros for the pet abilities and targeting that I use on the Teron fight on my main bar and now I can't use them because of this.

    Obviously I can just go back to the prior build of bartender to eliminate this, but I'd prefer not having to lock myself out of updates just for the sake of being able to have the pet bar behavior I want.

    (Alternatively, will just removing this block undo the change? It appears to be the only change in the file referenced in the changelog for the possession bar.)

    -- posess bar
    if self.mainbar then
    	self:AddButtonStates(11, 11)
    	table_insert(statedriver, "[bonusbar:5]11")

    Edit: Quick test with priest MC and commenting out that code does appear to do what I want, so I'll just go with that unless an option gets added. (Lines 370-374 in ActionBarStates.lua)
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    I tried switching to 2 of the other pools with the same result.

    I also can't enter bids on behalf of other people unless I enter the minimum bid. So it seems that the validation in both cases is assuming the person's dkp is 0 regardless of the pool I choose.

    I'm not sure why it's behaving that way, as the Bidder tooltip for bidding shows the correct number for the chosen pool, it simply doesn't pass validation on submitting a bid. I don't see any meaningful difference in the code that would cause this though. (Admittedly my lua experience is minimal, and I don't really have the time to figure out exactly how the entire module works as a whole.)

    I'll try removing the extra pools and see if I still have this issue with a single pool to see if it's something to do with multiple pools though.

    Edit: Yeah, it's something to do with multiple point pools. I changed my config to a single pool and bidding and placing a bid for someone else worked fine. If you have any suggestions on how to make multiple pools work with this, that would be ideal.

    Thanks for the help :-).
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    Hey, I'm in charge of running DKP for my guild, and this mod appears to be ideal for my purposes. I've been testing this out, and have come across the following problem:

    Using the silent auction feature, I have 5 point pools created, and I gave my test users 1000 points in one of the pools. We then killed a mob, and put an item up for bidding. Everyone's bidder tooltip showed the minimum bid as 100 (which is what I set it at), and their current points at 1000. However any bid over the minimum was rejected with a message of "You only have 0 dkp." even though they clearly have more than 0.

    I tried adding 100 points to all the pools on the off chance it was some sort of indexing error, but still got the same message returned, regardless of which pool I had selected.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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