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    Sorry if I need this spelled out to me, but I'm slightly confused. Is it possible to get stack text for a icon/indicator other than the center icon? I don't seem to be able to figure out how to do it.
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    My apologies if this was mentioned before, but would it be possible the implement a feature that let's you select specific raidmembers and display those in a specific order in a seperate column (displayed in a similar fashion to MT function that already exists).

    As a druid, I use 1-5 to fire macros that put lifebloom on people and I monitor my stacks via grid. To match these two things visibly, I usually assign each hotkey to a person by the order in which they appear on the Grid, but obviously, this can change often and is not under my own control. If I could just configure a bar of grid player manually, that would be really awesome. Even something like being able to select Raid 25 /w oRA2 PlayerTargets would be a huge improvement for me.
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