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    posted a message on OneBag 2.0.6026 [Released 7/28/2006]
    Quote from Josh_Borke »

    One small thing:

    when using a mailing mod (CT_MailMod), it greys out the wrong items when sending mass mails.

    I can confirm this happening as well.

    Also... Feature Requests

    I don't know if this is on your todo list, but if not:

    1: Search function that shows what items are on what accounts and the ammounts on each account. Similar to the addon called possessions. You're already storing all the info stored on each account so I can't imagine it would be incredibly hard to add this. If this type of thing isn't intended, I guess we can do without it.

    2: Slight seperator between bags on the onebag/bank/view display. Perhaps toggleable. It is nice to see everything together, but it is also sometimes hard to decern where one bag begins and another starts. Something as simple as not allowing bags to start after another ends and just add a separator line between them imho as a configurable option would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance for reading and your consideration.
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    posted a message on Need Help Adding Chat Spam Protection to HealFail Addon
    I have this addon that has been abandon by the author over a year ago. What the addon does is relay various messages to party chat on reasons for delayed, cancelled and/or inability to heal a target in your party.

    Problem is, if I spam my heal button in a panic situation or lag, a message is relayed to party chat for each button press. I would like to add some type of spam control for messages of the same type. For example, not spam the same message to party chat within 5 seconds from the last message if it is the same.


    -- Rev 1.0.0 - Initial revision
    -- Rev 1.1.0 - Added more spells, including Shaman spells
    --      - Added the framework for localization, need translations to complete
    --      - Limited spam on the delay message
    -- Rev 1.1.1 - Fixed minor bug that prevented the "stunned" message from working
    -- This mod automates the announcement to the party of problems with landing a heal.
    -- Currently it reacts to out of range, out of mana, and line of sight problems.
    -- If any of these occur while is heal is being cast on a member of the party, then 
    -- the party will be notified. Also prints a message when casting is being delayed.
    -- This mod has no dependencies.
    local HealFailEnabled = true;
    local currentSpell = nil;
    local lastDelayMessage = 0;
    -- OnLoad function, registers events and slash commands
    function HealFail_OnLoad()
      SlashCmdList["HEALFAIL"] = HealFail_ChatCommandHandler;
      SLASH_HEALFAIL1 = "/healfail";
      SLASH_HEALFAIL2 = "/hf";
    -- Command handler, turning the mod on and off
    function HealFail_ChatCommandHandler(msg)
      if ( string.lower(msg) == "on" ) then
       HealFailEnabled = true;
       DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("HealFail on");
      if ( string.lower(msg) == "off" ) then
       HealFailEnabled = false;
       DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("HealFail off");
    -- Handles events
    function HealFail_OnEvent(event, arg1)
      local healfail_message;
      local chatMessage;
      local healTarget = UnitName("target");
      local spellName;
      local failtype;
      -- Bail at this point if the mod is disabled
      if ( not HealFailEnabled ) then
      -- Look for the event that announced a failed spell to chat
      -- also, check the last spell we got an event for to determine
      -- whether or not it was a healing spell.
      if ( event == "CHAT_MSG_SPELL_FAILED_LOCALPLAYER" ) then
       -- See what sort of error we got and select an appropriate message
       for spellName, failType in string.gfind (arg1, HealFail_SpellFailString) do
         for trigger_message, healfail_message in HealFail_FailTypes do
          if (string.find (failType, trigger_message) and 
            HealFail_Heal_Spells[spellName] and 
            UnitInParty ("target") ) then
             chatMessage = string.gsub ( healfail_message, "xxx", UnitName("target") );
             SendChatMessage(chatMessage, "PARTY");
      if ( event == "SPELLCAST_DELAYED" ) then
         local timeSinceLastMessage = GetTime() - lastDelayMessage;
         if ( HealFail_Heal_Spells[currentSpell] and timeSinceLastMessage > 2 
           and GetNumPartyMembers() > 0 ) then
          SendChatMessage(HealFail_FailTypes["SPELLCAST_DELAYED"], "PARTY"); 
          lastDelayMessage = GetTime();
      if ( event == "SPELLCAST_START" ) then
         currentSpell = arg1;   

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on GMail (A CT_MailMod Replacement)
    got this bug and been able to reproduce it at will. To reproduce it, i start and open all and either close the mail box manually clicking the X on the top right or run away from the mail box forcing a close. When going back to the mail box, if i attempt an open all, i get the following error when clicking on the Open All button in the confirmation box.

    [2006/08/13 13:06:40-82]: GMail\GMail.lua:672: AceHook-2.0: There is a stale hook for "InboxFrame_OnClick" can't hook or reactivate.
    <in C code>: in function `error'
    AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:106: in function `error'
    AceHook\AceHook-2.0.lua:204: in function <...ce\AddOns\ag_UnitFrames\libs\AceHook\AceHook-2.0.lua:183>
    AceHook\AceHook-2.0.lua:416: in function `Hook'
    GMail\GMail.lua:672: in function `Inbox_DisableClicks'
    GMail\GMail.lua:625: in function `GMail_Inbox_OpenSelected'
    <string>:"GMailInboxOpenAllOpenButton:OnClick":2: in main chunk

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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Quote from Ghent »

    @Iceroth: What mod is that you're using to show that info?  Thanks!

    Not 100% certain since I don't use or ever have used it, but I think it is
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    posted a message on Clique 0.2.0-Beta Released
    Damn, thx for the link. I should have seen that. =[
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    Are there any plans for a ToToT? Most UF currently have this. I have only been using agUF for a couple of hours and may have just missed it, but it appears there isn't any ToToT.
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    posted a message on Clique 0.2.0-Beta Released
    Started using X-Perl for the first time and more specifically, version 1.7.5. Upon game load/reloadui, I see the debug messages of the loaded plugins for the various plugins, however, I don't see one for X-Perl. I see in the plugins folder that there is one for X-Perl, but no luck on load.

    Screenshot below shows the plugin load up messages.

    Also, I don't have Nurfed UF, however it loads up the nurfed UF plugin. All i have from NUF is Nurfed Library and Nurfed Combat Log. I realize each plugin is really tiny and probably doesn't add too much to resource/mem use, but it seems pointless to have that load up.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    posted a message on AuldLangSyne 2.0
    Still taking feature requests? If so, I got one request.

    Upon login of a friend/guildie, the note appears on the same line as or below the line showing the person has just connected.


    Player X has come online
    Player note would appear here.

    This is of course dependant upon having the notification in interface options turned on.
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    I see someone mention layouts and you are now addressing Layouts.

    So.....my thoughts...

    One of the major strenghts of CTRA at least for me is, the drop down menu and being able to save my raid bar layouts and being able to choose a new layout on the fly without needing to type anything. As a healer, stopping to type is not always an option and pointing and clicking is far quicker. Fewer clicks the better.

    Perhaps you should look into a Fubar plugin for your config/menus. Would save you a ton of time and no need ever for a config gui.

    Layouts I have for example is, by group, by class, odd/even, special one for cthun and other encounters where a circle formation is required and a few more less important ones. What ever you decide, give the use the power to save his/her own layouts and make it so switching is swift and painless.

    One think I noticed about the bars is extra space above the name on the player bars. The bars are very clear, the names are clear also. The bars in general are very compact, however, there just seems to be more space above the name on each box than I personally think is necessary. If that is by choice, then so be it. If you can reduce some of that blank space I would be tickled pink =]
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Quote from Moonsorrow »

    Cannot be the latest, I fixed that 1 hour ago :P

    Ok, not cool doing updates ~30 minutes after i update.

    Anyhow, appears to be working. Thanks.
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    I get this error from Bugsack when trying to use the keybind to Cast Buffs. Using the latest SVN copy

    - [05:36-3]: XRS\XRS.lua:1062: attempt to call global `StopSpellCasting' (a nil value)
    XRS\XRS.lua:1062: in function `BuffRaid'
    XRS\XRS.lua:1025: in function `BuffButtonPress'
    <string>:"Cast Buff":2: in main chunk
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    posted a message on Dockable Chat Windows on Chat Frames NOT the general Chat

    I haven't found an addon yet to do this. Basically. I have and I am sure many other do also, many chat windows with specific information sent to them. For me, I have a whispers window, Nurfed combat log window, General Chat window (general, trade, guild, officer, etc..) a window that just shows dmg i take and nothing else, a Nurfed COmbat log of dmg our MT(s) take during raiding and finally, a window for loots.

    As it stands, the only window you can dock other windows on is the General Chat window. I have 3 windows docked there, but would prefer if I can dock windows together on any window I decide.

    Is this possible or even worth bothering to code?
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    posted a message on FuBar 2.0 in Trunk (Official thread)
    This isn't so much a bug, but rather an annoyance of mine. I use 3 fubars. One at the top. Fine. One at the bottom, fine. And a third detached fubar above my chat boxes that spam the bottom of my UI as can be seen in the screenshot. This gives me somewhat of a look some of the really pretty UI's have with all the graphics using Fubars are borders.

    The annoyance comes from the fact that fubar bars are set to HIGH strata. I edited FuBar_Panel.lua at line 151 (frame:SetFrameStrata("MEDIUM") ) to medium as can be seen, but I don't really like doing this. Oh, and the reason for I went looking for this change is for my bags which open on the right hand side (default bags). The problem is, the detached bar sits on top of my bags making it hard to target/click items in my bags.

    Any chance setting strata for all bars to medium or have a conditional for detached bars to be medium? Making this manual change isn't the end of the world. But not being overly familiar with doing SVN updates (using TortoiseSVN), when doing them, it seems the update skips my edited FuBar_Panel.lua because it is not the same as the svn version. I don't want to lose critical updates. I suppose I could delete the file each time and manually change it, it just seems like extra work that isn't necessary.

    Thanks for reading.
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