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    I have an idea for the "bar-under-portrait-wish/problem":
    In fact you use a array for the bar-positioning. My idea is to use virtual "bars" in this array to set where the border of the portrait should be.

    so that e.g. :
    Blank space
    Portrait top
    Portrait Bottom

    would generate the following

    │ Name         │
    ╞═══════╤══════════════╡ bar "portrait top"
    │ o  o │ HP      │
    │  o  ├──────────────┤
    │ --- │ Power    │
    ╞═══════╧══════════════╡ bar "portrait bottom"
    │ Cast         │

    Just a thougth of me


    P.S. Your addon is awesome anyway^^
    P.P.S. Can u Insert a second Blank space? It would be great xD
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework - Prelease Version (Official Thread)

    i hope you can help me..
    I use prat and guild event manager(GEM, see link at bottom)

    My problem is that the prat-core(no modules active) is destroying the reformatting of received chatlinks(maybe "GEM-links") in the specific GEM-Channel.
    More interesseting is that outgoing links work as intended for the other users except of me.

    so my quest(-ion) for you:
    Can you give me a workaround or module to solve this prob? :D

    Here the link of GEM
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    Is it possible to supress the pitbull-dropdown-menus on the non-standard-frames when not in configmode? Or at least make an option for it? :D

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    HuHu I'm new in here, but i have some ideas:

    Have you insterted your layout.lua to the pitbull.toc?

    @all with aura and Seerah-Layout probs..
    I inserted this :

    auraSide = "bottom",
    --note, these are only used when debuffs are split
    buffSide = "bottom",
    debuffSide = "right",
    (credits goes to the ABF-Layout^^)
    in the predefinition :
    local Seerah_db = PitBull:AcquireDBNamespace("Layout-Seerah")
    PitBull:RegisterDefaults("Layout-Seerah", "profile", {

    now it works for this, but the its not changeable ingame :(

    edit: had to correct false data-quotes^^ and many typos
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