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    I've had this too. After a short while I have no idea what's on cooldown because I can't see any of my cooldowns. It'll just show things like Fire Blast has 0:00 left and Ice Block has 2:22 left (when it's actually up and ready to use). Cooldowns just seem to not go away or freeze mid cooldown.

    Also having this problem. Does anyone know what the latest version befor the rewrite was? From what I recall it had all the features that the current release does (including actually working). Would be a good temporary solution until the bugs get ironed out, as the mod really isn't usable in its current state.
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    I think the problem occurs when you hide cooldowns. For example, Shield Wall, Retaliation, and Recklessness all share a 30m cooldown, so I hide 2 of them. When I do, the cooldown icon that I want to see is moved over to the left of the anchor, in effect there are 2 invisible icons to the right that are affecting the centering. The icons are still there, you just can't see them.

    This may be why one of the above posters had this problem with item icons only, he probably hid the cooldown for a trinket that shares a cooldown with the one he was using.

    I'm not a coder so I have no idea how to fix it, but I think all you need to do is flag these invisible icons to they don't affect the centering.

    Hope this helps!

    For a temporary fix, for each cooldown that you are hiding (and therefore would affect centering spacing,) unclick "Hide button", click "Save Button position", then reclick "Hide Button". This moves the cooldown off your main bar, then hides it.
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    Quote from Gandharva »

    Here is a patch for Swing.lua I found on http://elitistjerks.com/689848-post433.html

    Maybe someone can check/improve this patch and commit it.

    Echoing this request, a swing timer that doesn't properly track swings is unusable.
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    Quote from andreasg »

    Quote from Shania »

    request layout
    if somedoby can modify aquf or another mod like this picture


    Not 100% possible yet; portraits not in. If you can live without until then I suggest taking a look at the theme called oUF.

    Also unless I'm mistaken you cannot seperate the HP numbers and percentages from eachother as there is only one available field for them. Once that gets worked out I'll be happily switching from Discord.
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