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    Quote from Borick »

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know of a method or have a hack/tool that can be used to test layouts in Grid?

    I hate having to actually form up a raid to tweak my layout.

    That's my one gripe about Grid too, and probably the only point from keeping me from adopting grid. It's not just feasible to arrange the whole raid and the /rw wait guys, I need to check a few configs with grid...

    I'm suuuure they'd like that.. Pitbull has a beautiful config mode. Wtb one of those to Grid.
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    Hi. A Feature Request follows.

    Concerned AddOns: Aloft, MRP

    I'm posting this simultaneously to both addon's forums as I don't really know which one of the addons needs to implement what for the feature to work.. Also I've picked MRP since I'm using that one myself, but FlagRSP or ImmersionRP should ideally be supported also (and probably will work with the same code, seeing as the already support each other).

    Anyway, the request:

    As Aloft already modifies the nameplates of characters, it would be a great, great feature if it could add the surname (or both prefix and suffix attributes) to the nameplate that various RP-addons provide.

    I'm not a developer, but I know something of programming (not entirely enough to do this on my own). I can also help testing said feature and will provide any help that is in my power to do. contact me via dinie (at) nitesade (dot) net if you need any info / tester / etc.
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    Same problem as Grendalf. I use WAU daily (if not hourly) and have all my addons updating WITHOUT externals, so there shouldn't be anything lying around. But I still got that LibRockConfig error.
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    Quote from sylvanaar »

    For now - you can disable ChannelLinks in the ChannelNames module.

    *smooches* *hugs* ^^

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    Otherwise everything is working fine, but I have this little problem, and I don't know if it is WIM, Prat or Pitbull... with Prat_WIM and Pitpull_Prat installed anytime I (or somebody else in party/raid) write something, a bubble shows next to the unitframe, as it is supposed to, and I like that. but, the text ALWAYS starts with "|Hchannel|:" which is kinda bugger :) Who am I going to smack over with this and / or how can I (or somebody) fix it?
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