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    I've seen mods that come close, but never quite what I'm trying to describe here.

    What I would like to propose is an inventory/bank mod that gives the user a folder/tree view of their inventory and bank. It would allow the user to create folders and subfolders in which they could place items in their inventory. For example a player could create an "Armor" folder in their virtual inventory with "Raid" "PvP" "and "Resist" subfolders.

    Folders would need to be collapsible (tree format) to allow for relevant items to be on screen at any given time while hiding unneeded items. This would also allow for better organization of consumables, reagents, tools (like mining pick, flint and tinder etc) Also, ideally, rules could be implemented, something like those used in arkinventory so we could dump trash items into their own folder for easy disposal.

    The tree/folder analogy should be familiar with anyone that uses a computer, and i feel it would translate well to the game.
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