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    Im not sure if you are aware of this issue so I'm going to post. Usually the bugs I see in grid get worked out in the next version of grid, but this one has been a reoccurring issue for me.

    Last night I was having a lot of problems when a couple of addons and they kept crashing my game (grid was not one of them). Beside the point, we were mid fight on Terron and my wow crashes. So I click send the error, and I log back in. When I get back in, I only have 1 group on my grid. it is my group, but I cant see any of the other 20 raid members. When the fight is over and I die/leave combat. Grid refreshes and its all back to normal. (25 people). But for that short time that I log back in (in combat), I cant see anyone on my grid but my group.

    This isnt the first time that this is happened. But this is the first time that it has really affected me. Anything you can do about this issue? Im going to try and redo the problem tonight and take a screen shot for you.

    Thanks in advance, you guys make a kickass addon.
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