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    So my recently levle 70 shaman has taught me the limitations of the standard blizzard actionbars and im looking around at all the varous options. Bartender seems to do almost exactly what i want as do many others. Unfortunatly i keep being very unhappy with most for one main reason. It seems every single bar mod completely rumoves/breaks up the standard blizzard bar at the bottom of the screen removing my cool gryphons, making my bag bar look dumb and short, no xp bars etc.

    I relise theres actually a lot of people out there that prefer it like this. But really im only looking to mess around with the nonstandard bars.

    So is there a bar mod out there that will let me keep my griphons and stuff? An ace baced solution would be grand but ill use what i can.
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    Ok so as i understand it the upcoming patch will update the client to version 2.0 the same as TBC so once it hits live servers will we have toi switch to the TBC branches of ace and what ever addons we use?

    Or are the 5.1 lua and other script changes not coming till actually TBC relese?
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    I love this mod works great.

    But it dosnt bring up bars for Berserking or Blood Fury (Troll and Orc racials) maybe other racials too. surely this is an oversite?
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