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    I was doing the tutorial as part of learning about Ace programming, and found the issue that made it not work during the tutorial steps. I made the corrections, so if you try it now, may work for you.

    The issue involved a wrong API call. The tutorial has the correct one at the end, but close to the middle when introduced, was wrong. I also add the default profile values to the core.lua code file at the end file which also was missing.
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    Quote from Phillen »

    Works fine after this modification. Thanks !

    The path he includes with the Antagonist.toc corresponds to the original ParserLib folder as found on the svn repo, while the ParserLib folder included with Antagonist is a subset of the original one. You can replace the whole ParserLib folder with the one from svn repo and will do the trick.


    But as other's said, this should be fixed.
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